If You Love Adorable Dogs & Delicious Food, These Photos Will Make Your Day


We’ve seen cakes shaped like dogs and latte foam resembling Fido, but the Dogs In Food Instagram page takes it to a whole new level!

If you’ve ever sworn you’ve seen a pug in your chocolate chip cookie or a Dalmatian in your cup cookies and cream ice cream, you’re not the only one! According to Our Thinking, the genius behind a photo series called Dogs In Food is a Russian artist named Ksenia who creates hilarious mash-ups of adorable dogs and mouthwatering dishes.

On the wildly popular @dogsinfood Instagram page, 311,000 followers enjoy clever canine-cuisine combinations, from Pomeranian cream puffs to Basset Hound beef tacos.

Check out some of Ksensia’s artwork below, and make sure to Dogs In Food on Instagram and Facebook!

“This Pom is looking extra #cozy in this cream puff.”

“Check out this pup’s Instagram…was born to be an arancini.”

“Who wants a Pup Pop?!”

“Buttered pupcorn!!!”

“Puppy Asada taco #guacisextra.”

“Crispy crunchy doodle fingers!!!”

“Fresh baked chocolate pug cookies.”

“Caramel popcorn milkshake with whipped Pomeranian floof.”

“Chocolate hazelnut puppy spread.”

“Mini cheesecake with #pugberries.”

“Puppuccino with extra floof.”

“Steak au pup!”

“More Shar Pei dumplings.”

“Key lime pup pie #tangy.”

“Did some recipe testing on the pug cookies this weekend. Trying to make them a bit more derpy…”

“Cinnamon sugar donut pup holes.”

“Carrot pup cake with cream cheese frosting!”

“Shar Pei soup dumpling.”

“Fried pup sandwich!!!”

“This decadent hot chocolate pom is a bit sleepy and definitely in need of some kisses.”

“Fresh baked soft and chewy pupretzel!”

So, what do you want more: kisses from one of these adorable pups, or one of these scrumptious snacks? Tell us in the comments below!

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