Inspiring 9-Year-Old Raises $80K To Help Protect Police K9’s

Most people can’t say they created a nation-wide campaign to raise money for a good cause. It’s not easy to motivate strangers to donate their hard-earned funds. But one Ohio boy didn’t let the odds deter him. He decided to raise money for something he is very passionate about — police dogs.

It Started With a TV Show

Brady Snakovsky from Strongsville, Ohio, loves police shows. One evening while watching “Live PD” with his parents, Brady became worried. He noticed he the K9 officers did not have bulletproof vests.

According to Fox 32 Chicago, Brady’s mom Leah Tornabene said, “Once I told Brady that they were not automatically issued a vest like their human partner he decided he wanted to buy a vest for a K-9 who didn’t have one.”

But it was more than a dream. Brady decided to take action. He wanted to purchase a vest and asked his mom. Unfortunately, she told him ballistic vests cost up to $1,000. Brady still wanted to help. So, they started a GoFundMe to get their community involved.

An Inspiring Little Guy

Brady’s campaign started with a small goal: he wanted to collect enough money to purchase one ballistic vest for a K9 in need. He got donations from his family, the community, and Line Of Fire Defense Systems. They raised enough funds for four vests.

Brady didn’t stop there. The boy who dreams of becoming a police officer created (with the help of his mom) a foundation to earn money to donate vests to as many dogs as possible. The BK9F website says:

“We believe K9 police officers deserve the same protection as human police officers. We are making it a priority to vest as many K9 officers as we can to send them home at the end of their shift.”

The third grader and his mom researched what vest would be best for dogs on duty. Because quality matters, they only donate the LOF Defense StreetFighter vest.  The vest was designed so dogs can wear it for an extended period of time without fatigue or restricting movement.

Brady launched his GoFundMe page in January 2018. It has raised more than $78,000. So far, the fund donated 84 K9 vests to service dogs across 12 different states. They have a waiting list of 58 police officers who want to get the ballistic vests for their canine partners. These are some of the dogs that received vets, thanks to Brady’s hard work.

What an impressive young man. He sure is an inspiration! Visit Brady’s foundation’s website for more.

H/T Fox 32 Chicago
Featured Image: Brady Snakovsky GoFundMe

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