Is Your Dog a Super Shedder? This May Be The Solution!

Let’s talk about canine confetti. For some of us with dogs, the shedding seems to be never ending. We find hair in the corners of rooms, on throw blankets, the couch, and everywhere in between. Now, there’s a product that is Shark Tank and Good Housekeeping approved to help with the problem. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Meet the Shed Defender

Brothers from Orange County, California, were very familiar with dog fur, so they decided to create a product to help with the problem of shedding. Enter the Shed Defender.

The brothers designed a onesie (yes, you read that right) for your pup. It looks a little silly but it has many uses. The leotard-like outfit keeps your dog warm, helps prevent fur from flying free, and even reduces anxiety in some pups. Also, it keeps some dogs from irritating their skin impacted by allergies.

They offer many sizes from mini and extra-extra small to all the way up to extra-extra large. Additionally, it comes in black, hot pink, purple, red, and royal blue. Pretty snazzy! They’ve even given thought to potty breaks – just unzip the back slightly when your pup is ready to do his business. Easy.

Reviewers Say

There are almost 400 reviews. The Shed Defender has an average of 3.4 out of 5 stars.

One customer said, “I absolutely love this product. It fit my pug perfectly. He has allergies and I use it to prevent him from chewing on his lower legs and the inside of his thighs. It’s the only bodysuit that covers his complete body.”

Some of the reviewers had issues with sizing, so if you want to purchase one of these for your pup, it may be a good idea to get in touch with Shed Defender customer service to talk sizing. You can even ask questions on Amazon, and the company will respond to you directly.

So, if you’re thinking about ways to keep your pooch from shedding, give the Shed Defender a shot.

H/T Good Housekeeping
Featured image c/o Amazon product page

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