It’s Back To School Time And These Dogs Want In On The Action!

Summer is coming to a close, and all over the country kids are returning to the classroom. Heading back to school can be a bummer, but to our dogs it seems like a blast!

Think about it: There’s new clothes, colorful supplies, bus rides, and tons of new friends to meet. What more could a pooch ask for?

The dogs below are tired of watching their school-age humans embark on new adventures – they want in on the action!

Unicorn backpack? Check! Matching unicorn beanie? Double check! Let’s do this school thing!

“Shhh. If we both act natural maybe mom won’t notice.”

Silly human, don’t you know Puppy Kindergarten is where all the fun’s at??

The pup on the left has the back-to-school jitters, but his brother is ready to GO!

These twins – I mean triplets – are ready to tackle day care!

“Hey human! I think you’re forgetting something: MEEEEEEEEEE!!

“Open the door! I think I see our bus coming!”

Nothing says back-to-high-school like a #SquadGoals photo bomb!

This dog isn’t afraid to show his “feelings” about being left out of his siblings’ back-to-school photos!

“We’re both lookin’ good!  Let’s start preschool!”

“Where’s my fancy new back-to-school dress??”

“I heard your campus is dog-friendly…just sayin’.”

“Ehrmahgerd, it’s the first day of school!! Are you guys ready?? Huh? Huh? Are ya??”

Back-to-School Throwback: Even 80’s pups wanted in on the excitement!

“[Sniffle] I remember when I was the tall one! [Sniffle]”

“What a sweet photo! Maybe I can ruin it with my mean-mugging!”

“Bye little human! I’ll miss you and think about you every second!”

“Hey mom, do you see our kid yet? This back to school stuff is RUFF!”

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