Jeremy Piven’s Beloved French Bulldog Passed Away in His Arms

Losing a dog is as painful and difficult as losing any friend. It is devastating and difficult and it doesn’t matter that the loss is of a four-legged family member. Actor Jeremy Piven is feeling that pain. His beloved French Bulldog Bubba just passed away and our hearts go out to him during this time of grief.

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Jeremy Piven Announced Bubba’s Death via Instagram

On Monday, June 15th the Entourage star took to his Instagram account to share the sad news with his followers. Relaying the common opinion that this is a year filled with unexpected and tragic events, Piven stated, “2020 is consistent I will say that.” 

After Bubba Died, the Actor Couldn’t Stop Crying

Piven wrote in the Instagram tribute, “Bubba passed away today. He brought the spirits up to anyone who met him. I took him along with me everywhere and he’s a part of me.” He went on to say, “He died in my arms and it’s hard to stop crying.” 

Image Jeremy Piven/Instagram

Jeremy Piven and Bubba Were Always Together

Piven took Bubba out and about everywhere he went. Bubba was his constant companion. Our hearts break for Jeremy as he learns to live without his sidekick. The pain will become more bearable, but it will never truly go away. He said on Instagram, “Going to bury him now so if u see me without him now u know why. Be good to one another please and toss a ball for him as he loved chasing them!”

Losing a Dog Can Be Harder Than Losing a Human Relative

When we suffer the loss of a human friend or relative, there are societal systems in place set up to support us through that loss. There are grief groups, a level of understanding from employers, and policies in place to provide us time to grieve. That is often not the case when we lose a pet.

We are expected to carry on with normal life, sometimes the very same day our dog dies. We are expected to skip the grief when we lose a dog despite the fact that our pain is just as acute as if we lost a close human friend or relative. Instead, we should support one another and seek to understand how painful the loss of a pet can be.

Image Jeremy Piven/Instagram

Celebrities Like Jeremy Pevin Help Change Attitudes

It is not uncommon to see stories of celebrities, like Jeremy Piven, who speak publicly about their grief at the loss of a dog. These stories help support changing attitudes towards pet loss and the grief that comes along with it. Support groups are increasingly common and there is a greater understanding among us that this grief is nothing to be ashamed about or ignored.

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Featured Image Jeremy Piven/Instagram

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