Job Looking After Two Golden Retrievers In A Luxury Town House Somehow Still Available

Looking for work is not the most thrilling task. Finding the right opportunities can be tough. It’s not often the perfect opening falls right into your lap. Lucky for you dog lovers out there looking for work: that perfect opening is here!

A job listing that’s somehow still available seeks someone in London to care for a beautiful home and even more beautiful Golden Retrievers full-time.

“A busy couple are looking for a live-in housekeeper at their 6-storey town house in Knightsbridge. They are both international business people who travel frequently and have 2 dogs. This is an informal property and they need someone to keep on top of the house while they come and go and to have sole responsibility of the dogs in their absence.”

The dogs’ names are Oscar and Milo. You’d be taking them on twice daily walks and managing their care. The listing specifically emphasizes a passion for dog care and past experience in this would also be a plus.

Oscar and Milo are not pictured.

You would also have to do some basic housekeeping duties, including cooking, laundry, food-shopping, and cleaning. You live where you work, and room and board is covered. I don’t think you’d find a living situation much better than that on Craigslist!

So even though you get to live in a nice home rent-free and spend your day with two beautiful Goldies, you also get paid between £30,000 and £32,000 (about $38,500 and $41,000) per year. According to USA Today, the average salary for a job like this here in the states is around $21,000. This job sounds like a top tier opportunity!

It’s a Monday through Friday job with occasional weekends. I don’t think I’d mind the extra hours of pup time.

The listing was posted on October 15th, so if it isn’t gone by the time you read this I’d be shocked. If it is still there: To apply you just have to create an account on the staffing website Silver Swan Search.

Qualifications For A Dog Care Job

It’s not required to have a high school diploma, but the majority of employers will want to see that as the minimum degree attained.

Most employers tend to also prefer candidates with previous experience taking care of animals. You can always volunteer at a shelter and take any necessary classes and training with them. Aspiring pet-sitters can also take courses through the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Most importantly: employers always want to see a candidate with a true passion for dogs. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably that someone.

H/T: Insider
Featured Image: Congerdesign via Pixabay

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