Justin Theroux Has Swoon-Worthy Dinner Date with His Best Girl

Justin Theroux is an actor and animal advocate who regularly pleases his followers with adorable photos of his recuse Pit Bull named Kuma. She is a beautiful gray-blue girl who looks at once formidable and squishable. She epitomizes the appeal of Pit Bulls and Justin is doing his part to show the world the soft side of these loving companions. He nailed it when he recently posted pics of he and Kuma enjoying a candlelit dinner.

Date Night In, with His Furry Friend

The COVID-19 stay-at-home orders mean that for the time being, date night is out. That’s why Justin Theroux decided to have a “date night in” with his best girl Kuma. What better way to spend the evening than dining with your favorite friend? If you can’t go out, you may as well have a fancy dinner in.

Image Justin Theroux/Instagram

“Dainty Lady” Kuma Sits Patiently at the Table

Kuma has some seriously good manners as she sits in a human chair at the table with a plate full of food in front of her. And the look on her face? Those puppy eyes are too much! She appears to be waiting for her date to join her so they can both enjoy their home-cooked meal at the same time.

Justin Theroux captions the next picture of Kuma at their dinner date with “dainty lady.” She delicately takes nibbles of her dinner like a refined gentlelady. It’s all just so swoon-worthy. These pictures emphasize what so many of us know and want the world to understand: Pit Bulls, like all dogs, are products of their environment. They are sweet, gentle, loving, and kind when they are raised in a loving, supportive environment.

Image Justin Theroux/Instagram

Justin Theroux is a Pit Bull Advocate

Kuma came into Justin Theroux’s life following Hurricane Harvey, which battered Houston, Texas. She ended up in the care of an Austin organization called Austin Pets Alive. Under their attention she great health and strong. Theroux, a lifelong animal lover who takes his Dog Dad status seriously, met her while visiting Austin and followed her progress. As soon as she was available for adoption, he jumped at the chance. His relationship with Kuma has inspired him to become an advocate for Pit Bulls, using his platform and connections to spread the word about the truth about Pit Bulls. His basic stance is this: breeds should not be banned. Practices that lead to dog abuse, neglect, and violence like breeding, pet shops, puppy mills, and dog fights should be banned.

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Hey DENVER! And specifically Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer! @denvercouncil5 ! I hear The Denver City Council is meeting tomorrow, to possibly overturn @mayorhancock ‘s Denver Pit Bull Ban! Amanda, by all accounts you have done an incredible job for District 5, and I implore you to vote on behalf of the pit bulls that are currently in your shelters and living in the shadows of Denver as a result of Denver’s Ban. All they want is the right to be available for adoption from your shelter facilities, get registered, microchipped and be LEGAL… so they can be the the incredible Denver citizens that Kuma and I know they can be. If you want to chat about it, please by ALL means DM me… i would love to get on the horn and bend your ear on this subject. IF you are a Denver resident, and IF you love, own or would like to rescue one of these animals that so rarely get a second chance, please attend tomorrows vote at 5:00pm at 1457 Bannock St, room #451 and RESPECTFULLY let yourself be seen, and your voice be heard. I’m sure a whole LOT of Kuma’s would show up if A: they knew this was happening and B: Had a voice. Denver, please Be their voice! And Amanda! Come see me and Kuma if you are ever in New York City….and if that Ban is lifted tomorrow in Denver, we would so love to come see you and advocate for ALL dogs currently in your shelters! And discuss ways to get more of them homes. #repost #adoptdontshop @replacedenverbsl #pitbullsofinstagram @nybullycrew @selenagomez #selenagomez (sorry Selena, i know i know, i didn’t ask… but the pups! They need ya!)

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If you can’t get enough of Kuma and Justin Theroux’s puppy love or you want to keep up with Theroux’s advocacy for Pit Bulls, follow them on Instagram.

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Featured Image Justin Theroux/Instagram

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