K-9 Orkon Recovers After Being Hit By Car

Like any police K-9, Orkon the Belgian Malinois is a brave dog. He always works hard to help save the day. In some cases, he might work a bit too hard though. In a recent chase, Orkon got hurt for the second time on the job. He had been chasing down a suspect in Florida when he got struck by a car. Everyone from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office was horrified to see their loyal team member in such a rough state.

Orkon had been hospitalized for a different reason earlier that year. In the spring, he had been repeatedly punched in the snout by a burglar. Luckily, the horrible suspect from that case was arrested, and Orkon made a full recovery in about a month.

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This time, Orkon’s injuries weren’t quite as severe, but he had to be rushed to the hospital yet again. His human co-workers all prayed that he would make another amazing recovery.

Orkon to the Rescue

Orkon was deployed during a battery call in Milton, Florida. The suspect, Eric Mayhugh, refused to cooperate when the officials tried to take him into custody. He was resisting so much that they knew they needed a brave dog’s help in this situation. That’s when Orkon arrived at the scene.

Image: @santarosasheriff/Facebook

When Orkon exited the police cruiser, he was struck by a passing vehicle. Mayhugh took this opportunity to run off. Luckily, he was later caught by an officer that chased him on foot. The rest of the team rushed Orkon to the vet at this time.

“We love these dogs. They’re just like brothers and sisters to us and to see them injured hurts us all,” said Sergeant Rich Aloy with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office.

They believe that the vehicle hit Orkon by accident, but the driver is currently being investigated just in case.

Image: @santarosasheriff/Facebook

Orkon’s Recovery

The vet confirmed that Orkon’s x-rays were clear. He had some road rash, but nothing serious beyond that. He is expected to make a full recovery within a few days.

“I mean, they are law enforcement officers. They may be great dogs at biting and apprehending and all that, but when we are around them, they’re just lovable dogs. We pet their bellies – they’re really great dogs,” said Aloy.

Image: @santarosasheriff/Facebook

In the meantime, Orkon will be given a few days to rest. He will be on light duty once he starts feeling better. The police officials don’t want him to go through anything too intense until they know he’s completely healed.

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Featured Image: @santarosasheriff/Facebook

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