Kind Couple Pays All Adoption Fees At Tennessee Shelter

There are so many sweet animals that have been at a shelter for a long time. They are waiting for a forever home, and sometimes, families just need an extra push to welcome these dogs and cats into their homes. At the Pet Adoption and Welfare Services (PAWS) in Rutherford County, Tennessee, a kind couple has gone ahead and taken that extra step. They decided to pay for the adoption fees for most of the animals.

The couple came into the shelter wanting to help as many of the animals as possible. They wanted to make sure that all the adoptable dogs and cats could find forever homes. So, they talked to Baileigh Back and Tiffany Weir, two of the staff members. The couple explained that they didn’t want an adoption fee to hold any animals back from getting adopted.

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Back and Weir went over the adoption fees of all the animals with the couple. To their surprise, these kindhearted people wanted to cover the costs of all the adoptable animals. The staff members were so touched that they had to hold back tears when they heard this.

An Extremely Generous Donation

The couple didn’t want any recognition for their actions. They just wanted to make sure all the animals found loving homes. PAWS staff and volunteers have continuously told them how grateful they are for this gesture though.

The dogs and cats that have been paid for have a special note on their enclosure. It states: “Someone has paid for my adoption so I get to go to a loving, fur-ever home!”

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Anyone that adopts an animal from PAWS will receive some food and an adoption packet. This will help give them some supplies and information to get their life with their dog or cat started. All adoptable animals have also been spayed or neutered and they are up to date on their vaccinations.

PAWS always does whatever they can to help their animals get adopted. They usually dress them up in cute costumes and share photos of them on their Facebook and their website to help bring attention to these amazing animals. However, all help is greatly appreciated, and the donation from these good Samaritans has helped the dogs immensely. 

Image: @rutherfordcountypaws/Facebook

Many of the animals that have been paid for have already been adopted, but there are still some searching for their forever homes. Any new animals that are put up for adoption will have their normal adoption fees though.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a dog or cat from this shelter, please visit their website to see which animals are available. You can reach out to PAWS to find out which adoptions fees have been covered. All these animals deserve forever homes, so they more help they can get, the better.

Image: @rutherfordcountypaws/Facebook

Featured Image: @rutherfordcountypaws/Facebook

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