Kind-Hearted Restaurant Staff Pays For Sick Dog’s Final Supper

Elaine Potter is the mother of 10 adorable Maltese Terriers in West Sussex. Of course, they all mean the world to her and she couldn’t imagine the thought of losing them. However, 14-year-old Phoebe had been battling cancer for 8 months, and Potter couldn’t bear to see her suffer anymore. She knew it was time to say goodbye to her beautiful dog, but she wanted to give Phoebe one last exciting day first.

Phoebe had a cancerous lump, and she only seemed to be getting worse as time went on. She had trouble breathing, especially when she was lying down. Plus, all she ever wanted to do was sleep. These signs made Potter realize that it was time to say goodbye. 

Before letting her dog go, Potter planned an elegant last meal for her pup. She decided to take Phoebe to Earl of March, which is one of Potter’s favorite places to dine. 

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Phoebe’s Final Meal

Potter told the staff about Phoebe’s story, and they gladly allowed her to dine at their restaurant. They gave the sweet dog lots of love and cuddles. They made sure Phoebe was as happy and comfortable as possible.

At Earl of March, Phoebe was presented with a delicious filet mignon. She was given a comfortable spot at a low table near the fire. It was clear at Phoebe loved her meal.

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“I didn’t want her eating off the floor like a dog – she was my baby,” said Potter.

Potter couldn’t hold back her tears during that meal. She got so emotional and couldn’t stop crying as she watched her beloved dog finish her meal. 

When Potter got up to pay for the food, the staff informed her that they had paid for it themselves. They didn’t want Potter to have to pay for the meal when she was already going through so much. After hearing this, Potter got even more emotional because she was so grateful for their kindness.

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Saying Goodbye

After that meal, Potter said that the car ride to the vet was the longest ride of her life. It was heartbreaking to have to lose her furry friend, but at least Potter knows that Phoebe enjoyed her final day. 

“It really was a fitting send off for my big baby,” said Potter.

Image: Elaine Potter Facebook

Phoebe’s vet, Jose Monreal, was very kind throughout the whole situation. He wrapped Phoebe in a pink blanket because he knew that pink was Potter’s favorite color. Afterwards, Potter was able to bring Phoebe home to allow all the other dogs to say their proper goodbyes.

Phoebe was cremated beside her favorite toy, and the family has a handmade urn for her. Potter will never forget how sweet Phoebe was, and she will never forget the kindness of the restaurant staff either. They truly helped to give Phoebe the most beautiful sendoff possible.

Featured Image: @realfixuk/Facebook

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