Large Dog Gets Stuck In Tree After Chasing Cat

It’s common for firefighters to rescue cats from trees, but dogs don’t have the same reputation. So, when the Lathrop Manteca Fire District in California received a call about a full-grown German Shepherd stuck in a tree, they thought it was a joke. As it turns out, Baby the German Shepherd had chased a cat all the way to the top of a tree. The two animals ended up stuck with nowhere to go.

It all happened when Sharon Thurston took Baby on their usual walk. She let Baby off her leash just for a few minutes. Before she knew it, her beloved dog had run off, determined to hunt down a cat.

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When Thurston tried to chase after her German Shepherd, she found that Baby had followed that cat all the way up a tree. Baby has always had an obsession with cats, so it was no surprise that she would go through such extreme measures to catch one. 

Of course, Thurston was terrified. She was worried that her poor dog would fall from the tree.

“I was so scared,” Thurston said. “That dog is my baby. She’s everything to me.”

She called some neighbors to figure out how to get Baby down. They suggested that she contact the fire department. So, Thurston called them right away.

Image: @lathropmantecafire/Facebook

Rescuing Baby

Larry Madoski, one of the firefighters, was shocked to hear about a dog stuck in a tree. It certainly was not the type of call they were used to. He had to ask around first to make sure no one was playing a joke on him. But sure enough, it was true.

The firefighters arrived to the scene right after dropping Santa off for a Christmas parade. They were in awe at the sight of the large dog way at the top of a skinny tree. 

Image: @lathropmantecafire/Facebook

Using a ladder, the firefighters climbed up to rescue the dog. Firefighter Marty Ortiz was able to grab Baby’s collar and bring her down safely. Ortiz tried to reach for the cat as well, but the cat got himself down before he could be rescued. Luckily, he landed safely.

“Glad to hear that all turned out well for this pooch,” posted the Lathrop Manteca Fire District. “We are all pretty sure [she’ll] think twice about chasing cats up the next tree.”

Now, Baby is safe on the ground with her mom once again. Thurston said that they still see the cat now and then. He still runs around and teases Baby every day. But now, Thurston knows better than to let Baby off her leash.

Image: @lathropmantecafire/Facebook

Featured Image: @lathropmantecafire/Facebook

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