Lifeguard Rescues Dog Caught in Rip Current as Fin Closes In

A small dog was found drifting out to sea off the Gold Coast in Australia recently. The waterlogged dog was miraculously saved thanks to the heroic efforts of a local lifeguard. Reece Muir dove into action as he quickly paddled his surfboard out to the stranded pup.

A Game of Fetch Quickly Takes a Scary Turn

Simon Goodchild was walking along the shore when he noticed the event unfolding. The dog had been playing fetch with his dad when he went into the water to retrieve a tennis ball. The ball had gotten swept away in the rip current and suddenly, so did the dog. Goodchild managed to catch the event unfolding and recorded it on his phone.

“I noticed a little dog had been caught in the rip and it just kept being pulled backward… it was really tiring out,” Goodchild told 10 Daily.


Muir paddled 50 meters out along the pier. The waves crashed around him and it looked as if a storm was quickly moving in.

“My video really does not do him justice unfortunately, he was on the scene super quick and his speed and efficiency was definitely a massive part in the little dog not drowning,” said Goodchild.

A Speedy Save Just in Time

The heroic lifeguard pulled the unidentified dog up onto his surfboard just in the nick of time. A fin can be seen in the background as if it was approaching the dog. People have speculated that the poor pup was seconds away from falling victim to a shark attack.

“I definitely know of sharks being in that area and I’ve seen some pretty big ones there,” Goodchild said. 


When Training Becomes Instinct

Lifeguards are held to high standards when going through training so that they will be prepared for times like this. They say to train as if your life depended on it because it often does.

Ocean lifeguard candidates are required to do the following to become certified, according to Australian Lifeguard Service:

“At all times be capable of completing an 800 meter pool swim (completed in a pool no smaller than 25 meters in length) in under 14 minutes.

A lifeguard must complete a mission in less than 23 minutes on an ocean course which involves:

  • a 400 meter swim
  • 800 meter run
  • 400 meter rescue board paddle and
  • a second 800 meter run

Ocean lifeguards must also complete:

  • a 100-meter rescue tube rescue of a patient 100m out to sea and return
  • a 200-meter board rescue of a patient out at sea and return”

It’s heartwarming to know that lifeguards exist in the world who value all lives the same. There is no hesitation to do whatever it takes no matter if the victim has two legs or four.

h/t: 10 Daily
Featured Photo: Simon Goodchild

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