Lost Dog’s Day Goes Viral In Adorable Thread

A dog lost in DC wandered to exactly the right place at exactly the right time on August 7th!

Kristofer Goldsmith was on his way to work at Vietnam Veterans Of America when he discovered the dog walking around by himself. The dog was wearing a t-shirt and a collar that had no name or number on it, but it did have a rabies tag.

Kristofer loaded the pup into his car and took to Twitter to see if anyone knew anything about him.

He also brought the dog to Vetco, the clinic listed on the rabies tag, to find out if they could identify him. Fortunately, they were able to tell him the dog’s name and age: Frosting the 8-month old! They also had contact information for Frosting’s parents and were able to leave a message.

Kristofer had no interest in just dropping Frosting off at a shelter and decided to hold onto him in the meantime. Lucky for us, he documented their day on Twitter in a thread that soon went viral.

The two had quite a day from the looks of the photos. Frosting enjoyed some roasted turkey, some rides in the car, and some nice cozy naps.

Frosting even went to work with Kristofer, but his preference for lap-sitting made him quite the distraction!

In an update, Kristofer noted that he contacted the police to see if anyone had reported a lost or stolen dog. He also contacted Vetco again, who had been disconnected when attempting to speak to Frosting’s mom Rene. Kristofer was quick to defend her.

Before folks get mad about the disconnect (or hang-up) — It could be that Frosting’s mom is embarrassed, and/or can’t afford to take care of the dog. We don’t know yet if Rene is calling Vetco back, or answering that email, or what.

If Rene simply abandoned Frosting, hoping that he’d find a forever home that could take good care of him — that worked. If Frosting isn’t claimed by this weekend, @Lkatzenberg and I will assume the role of Frostings Furever parents.” -@KrisGoldsmith85/Twitter

So it was decided: Kristofer and his wife Lauren would become Frosting’s furever parents if he hadn’t heard from anyone by the weekend.

The countdown commenced on Twitter. Everyone was eager to find out Frosting’s fate.

And then it was official! Unclaimed, Frosting had found a new family to love.

He seems so happy with his new parents. He even celebrated their 1-year anniversary with them!

Since Frosting’s Twitter thread was so popular, Kristofer and Lauren decided to create an Instagram for him which you can follow @FrostingTheGoodBoy!

So it turns out some stories with sad beginnings really do get happy endings. Congratulations to Frosting and may his Twitter presence remain strong!

H/T Fox 5 DC

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