Lovable Pittie Finds Furever Family After 17 Months In Shelters Because Of You

Fran Pittie is a sweet girl who came to the rural Delano Shelter as a stray in March of 2018. The shelter was able to determine that she had been isolated in a kennel for five months before being released to roam the area. Little Fran was broken down after fending for herself and living on the streets for so long. She was severely sick and she was suffering from extreme neglect. Fran Pittie was covered in ticks and she was nearly skin and bone. She even had some mammary tumors removed and had a 4-inch scar to prove it. On top of everything else, it was also obvious that she had been bred repeatedly. 

A Roadtrip To Freedom

This sweet little girl received the care she needed. She was quickly able to recover and her sunny and sweet personality began to flourish! Shelter workers thought that Fran Pittie was on the fast track to finding her forever family. However, after five long months, she remained at the shelter only dreaming of a family to love her.

Photo Via START Rescue

Fran Pittie’s luck changed when she was chosen to receive transportation from START Rescue. This rescue provides transports for furbabies to go to shelters where they have a greater chance of adoption. Fran Pittie took the journey to SafeHaven Humane Society in Oregon. Life changed for Fran Pittie after nearly a year and a half! After 17 months from the day she entered a shelter, Fran Pittie finally had a family of her own. And, of course, her family absolutely adores her!

“Fran is very happy. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She gets along very well with my other dog. We hit the jackpot with her. She is such a great dog and we love her very much,” her family said.

Livin’ The Good Life

Fran Pittie loves lounging on the couch and being spoiled with snacks. Can you blame her? Fran even likes to play hide and seek under the blankets! She’s all smiles with her long-awaited family.

Photo Via START Rescue

We know you’re probably wondering how she got her unique name. The Delano Shelter had another dog that they named Brad Pittie. They believe Fran was Brad’s mom or sister. They came from the same area, they looked alike, and they also had similar personalities.

Photo Via START Rescue

Fran Pittie will be spending her holidays getting spoiled rotten with hugs and kisses. Plus, she’s been a really good girl so she will definitely be getting some presents. She deserves every bit of it without a doubt!

h/t: startrescue.org

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