Lovable Pocket Pitty Has Been Waiting Nearly 1000 Days For A Home

In the summer of 2016, a short, stalky pitbull mix named Meatball was surrendered to a Los Angeles County shelter by his owner. His ears were crudely cropped, but his tail wagged and his eyes shone with love and hope. Just a few days later, a local rescue group spotted his potential and liberated him from the shelter. They did their best to find him a loving home, but one year after accepting him into their care, the organization shut down.

Meaty once again faced an unknown fate.

Image c/o Tails and Scales Animal Rescue

There must have been a guardian angel looking out for him because the kindhearted folks at Santa Clarita’s Tails and Scales Animal Rescue agreed to take Meatball in! The blocky-headed pibble quickly won the hearts of volunteers, but day after day, potential adopters passed him by.

Image c/o Tails and Scales Animal Rescue

At first glance, Meatball may not look all that special – just another abandoned, forgotten pit bull-type dog – something there is no shortage of in California. He doesn’t have extraordinary markings or special abilities. What Meaty does have is a heart full of love and no one to share it with.

He adores his pals at Tails and Scales, but this handsome fella is ready to experience a real, stable forever home.

Image c/o Tails and Scales Animal Rescue

Meaty would do best in a setting without children or other pets. He has nothing against dogs or kids, in fact he quite likes them. The problem is, he has a tendency to accidentally bulldoze tiny humans and smaller dogs during play. He certainly doesn’t mean anything by it, he simply doesn’t realize he’s built like a tiny tank.

Cats are another story. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Meatball is convinced they are fluffy fetch toys.

Image c/o Tails and Scales Animal Rescue

Just like any pooch, Meaty has his flaws, but he more than makes up for them with loyalty and an earnest desire to please. At just 4 or 5-years-old he would love to join an active person or couple. His favorite pastimes include splashing in kiddie pools and chasing toys, but he’s also up for car rides, hiking in the mountains, long walks on the beach, and other adventures.

Image c/o Tails and Scales Animal Rescue

Meaty has been neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and crate trained. The lucky human(s) who adopt him will receive nine free training sessions from Tails and Scales to help ensure a perfect fit with his new family.

Interested in adopting this lovable low-rider? Send an email to adoption@tailsandscales.org for more information, or fill out an online application here.

Image c/o Tails and Scales Animal Rescue

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