Man Comes Home From Army To Find His Dogs Starving To Death

Jayden Dufford’s life was going perfectly. He had two sweet puppies, a loving fiancée, and he was training for the army just like he wanted. However, his entire life came crashing down after he returned home from 10 weeks of Army Basic Training. He returned to a messy house, unpaid bills, and worst of all, two sick puppies. He found his sweet dogs alone in the bathroom on the verge of death that day.

Dufford had left his two puppies, Angel and Maxy, with his fiancée, Lauryn Burge. He thought he was leaving them in good hands, but he soon learned that he was extremely mistaken.

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Arriving Home

After returning home, Dufford knew things weren’t going to be great between him and Burge based on their earlier conversations. However, he hadn’t expected things to be this bad. He arrived home with his family members by his side for support. He even called the police just to be safe.

The entire place was a mess. Dufford’s dad said that there was an awful smell as soon as they opened the door. There was trash and feces scattered throughout the entire apartment.

Right away, Dufford asked where Angel and Maxy were, and Burge simply told him they were in the bathroom. So, Dufford and his family rushed to the puppies.

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The bathroom was just as messy as the rest of the place, and the puppies were left alone among all the trash. Dufford’s heart broke when he saw that the two little dogs were just skin and bones. Maxy got up to greet her humans, but Angel could barely move. She was lying completely still in the bathtub.

“I will never be able to unsee the lifeless body of my best friend in the bathtub,” said Dufford.

The puppies looked like they hadn’t had a good meal in a long time. Sadly, Angel looked like she was on the verge of death. Dufford said that Burge showed no sympathy for what she did to his poor dogs.

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Rescuing Angel and Maxy

Dufford knew he had to act fast if he wanted to save his two best friends. He tried feeding them food, but nothing seemed to be helping Angel. So, he and his sister rushed the little puppy to the vet.

Unfortunately, Angel didn’t make it all the way to the vet. She passed away in his sister’s arms on the way there. The vet confirmed that unfortunately, there was nothing they could do. Angel was gone. 

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“If I would have known what those dogs’ conditions were, I would have taken them in an instant,” said Dufford’s father.

The whole family was heartbroken at the loss of Angel. The young puppy deserved a much better life than she got. If someone more responsible had been watching her, it’s likely that she’d still be alive today.

Luckily, Maxy survived the situation. Dufford has been working hard to keep her as healthy as possible. Even after only a few days, Maxy has already began to gain some weight.

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What Happened to Burge?

Burge has been cited for animal cruelty for everything she put the dogs through. She could be facing a fine of up to $750 and 6 months of jail time. There is no excuse for leaving two innocent puppies so malnourished. 

When Burge was asked to comment on this charge, she gave a long response defending her actions. She explained that she had a hard time paying for the two dogs, her two cats, her son, and her bills all at the same time. However, she claims that she fed the puppies every day and talked to the vet about their weight. 

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However, Dufford and his sister have both said that they think most of Burge’s statement is a lie. If she had really tried to get help for the puppies, how could they possibly be in such rough shape?

On Facebook, Dufford also claimed that Burge stole his money and cheated on him while he was away. However, even if those things are true, his biggest concern at the moment is Maxy. He just wants to make sure that his sweet puppy stays as happy and healthy as possible.

Currently, Maxy is getting close to a healthy weight and she is doing well considering everything that’s happened. Angel will be missed greatly, and Dufford will work hard to make sure he doesn’t lose Maxy like how he lost Angel. Maxy will always be in good hands from now on.

If you want to help support Maxy’s medical care and see updates on her progress, please visit her GoFundMe!

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