Man Rappels Into Canyon To Save Abandoned Dogs

Brody and Katie are professional adventurers that spend their time on the road with their furry friend, Spaghetti. While exploring the Canyons in Colorado, they came across a pair that was in desperate need of help.

While Brody and Katie were hiking through the canyon, they kept hearing barking in the distance. They assumed they were coyotes, and continued about their trek. As the barking got closer, they began to search for the source of the yelps.

Suddenly, they saw two faces in the distance that were perched on a cliff. They soon realized these were not coyotes at all, but two small dogs.

canyon rescue

Their first thought was that a hiker and their dogs somehow got trapped on this small cliff, and they needed to act fast to come to their aid. While Katie waited on the ground with Spaghetti, Brody set off to climb to their rescue.

As Brody got closer to the dogs, he realized that this scenario was much darker than they had originally thought. There was not a human in sight, so it was clear that these dogs were dumped by another climber. There was absolutely no way for these dogs to have reached this spot without assistance from another person.

canyon rescuecanyon rescue

Brody scaled the cliff to get to the small cubby in the rocks where the pups were trapped. He knew he had to approach them slowly, as he was worried he could startle the frightened dogs. They only had a few feet of cliff to stand on, so any quick actions could cause them to fall.

canyon rescuecanyon rescue

After easing his way to the dogs, they welcomed him into the small area in which they had been fighting for their lives. He immediately noticed how skinny and weak these poor pups were, and grabbed a bag of treats from his pack.

The dogs scarfed down the treats with vigor, showing just how hungry they had been for who knows how long. Once they had a quick snack, it was time to rappel down the cliff.

canyon rescuecanyon rescue

Brody strapped the two pups on his lap, and slowly worked their way down the cliff together. He was amazed at how well behaved they were, and willing to cooperate. They must have known they were in safe hands.

canyon rescuecanyon rescue

Once they reached the ground, the two dogs began to wiggle with joy. They were finally safe again!

canyon rescuecanyon rescue

After offering the dehydrated pair some water, they set off to the nearest animal shelter. On the ride over, they initiated the two pups into their crew, by lovingly naming them Meatball and Parmesan.

Once they made it to the shelter and told the staff their incredible story, they made it their mission to give them as much comfort and love as they needed to get through this traumatic time in their lives. After a few good meals, comfy beds, and some TLC, the two set off to their forever homes!

canyon rescuecanyon rescue

While I know most of us were hoping for the two to find their forever home together, they did end up going to two separate homes. For whatever reason, the pair did not get along once they reached the shelter. They got into some very heated fights, which lead the staff to a conclusion of finding them separate and loving homes.

Parmesan and Meatball are now living their best lives, with humans that will never let them down! We are so glad that Brody and Katie stumbled upon them that day, and helped them reach the future that they deserved!

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