Married with Children. Can These Rescue Pups Stay Together Forever?

Jet and Jasmine were rescued by Brown Dog Coalition in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. They came to the group with a litter of puppies, a healthy dose of fear, and the very strong desire to remain together. When kenneled separately, the pair would howl and cry until reunited. To rescuers, it seemed that the only source of love they had ever had was from one another and that they should stay together, forever.

The group decided to make every attempt to adopt them out as a pair and in a sweet outdoor ceremony, they made the commitment official by “marrying” the happy couple. After the couple exchanged “bow vows” and a lick to the face they immediately honeymooned in the yard, enjoying a leisurely afternoon.

The Wedding, photo courtesy of Brown Dog Coalition

The Honeymoon, photo courtesy of Brown Dog Coalition

Life hadn’t always been so sweet. Jet, Jasmine, and their four puppies were found in a barn in Alabama. They were very shy and fearful but rescuers won them over and successfully transported them north to Massachusetts. They have been living with a foster family who are working on things like house and leash training along with the most important lesson that humans can be loving, trustworthy companions.

The transport, photo courtesy of Brown Dog Coalition

These two are inseparable, which is why Brown Dog Coalition would love to see them be adopted together into the same family. They trot side by side on leashed walks, chase each other around the yard, and even eat out of the same dog bowl. It would be so wonderful for them to remain together where they will bring twice the love and light to their human’s life.

Proud Papa, photo courtesy of Brown Dog Coalition

Brown Dog Coalition reported to iHeartDogs that they have not received a single application to adopt them together. To improve their chances of finding a forever home the group decided to open them up to individual adoption, but it is still their fervent hope that they remain together.

Two peas in a pod, photo courtesy of Brown Dog Coalition

Let’s see what we can do to help Jet and Jasmine stay together forever! If you are interested in adopting the couple, please contact Brown Dog Coalition. Please share this beautiful story of love, friendship, and commitment. Who knows? Maybe your share will be the one that makes all the difference for this sweet pair.

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