Museum Dedicated to Dogs Entertains with Classic Art and Modern Technology

Can you think back and remember a time when people could go to see a silent movie and leave satisfied with the experience? Probably not because people demanded sound long, long ago. As technology has advanced so have our expectations for entertainment. Music is louder. Movies are flashier. Even a building full of dogs has to keep up, and to do so, the AKC Museum of the Dog is employing some technology to entertain.

After 30 years in St. Louis the American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog has moved back to New York City. It is two floors filled to the brim with a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, books and history on our favorite subject – dogs! Many people are content to look at the art and read the accompanying information, but others want to interact with the exhibits. They need to be engaged to really enjoy their trip. For these visitors, the AKC has introduced a few fun interactive items to the Museum of the Dog!

Principal designers John Bricker and EJ Lee told Quartz that the modern additions to the museum were necessary to draw guests in these times.

“Museums today are not just about seeing art. They’re competing against theater, film, and other activities. To capture attention, there needs to be a compelling reason to come.”

The interactive elements aren’t meant to overshadow the traditional exhibits. There is still plenty of extraordinary art and history that will absolutely provide entertainment for those who love dogs. But the use of technology to educate gives the museum a fun, memorable edge.

Some of the interactive displays you can enjoy at the Museum of the Dog are:

Find Your Match

This big touch screen app uses facial recognition to find your doggy doppelgänger! You can figure out once and for all whether you look like a Lab or a Lhasa Apso. Don’t be hurt if you don’t get the breed you want. We think all dogs are beautiful!

Train a Dog

If not done correctly, you can train your dog into the behaviors you were trying to avoid! At the Museum of the Dog you can hone your training skills with a digital dog, Molly, who is super eager to learn! No worries about reverse-potty-training this pup. It’s just for funsies – you won’t have to live with any training mistakes you might make!

“Meet The Breeds” Table

The breed table is said to be a favorite with children – which makes it a great way for kids to learn about dog breeds! The table gives some information on the almost 1,000 breeds registered with the AKC! It’s a fantastic way to educate kids who prefer tablets to books (and entertain adults!)


The Museum of the Dog is using social media to educate, and is reaching people from all over the world through Instagram. Executive Director Alan Fausel has recorded many videos giving information on some of the museum’s most beloved pieces, like the one below:

Get tickets to the AKC Museum of the Dog online. If you can’t make it to the New York City area, follow the museum on Instagram to catch a glimpse of some of the incredible exhibits inside!

Featured Photo: @museumofthedog/Instagram

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