N.Y. Dog Walkers Take The Most Epic “Pack” Photos

Walking dogs professionally can be a fun and rewarding job on its own. Still, a dog walking company in Saratoga Springs, upstate New York found a way to make even more fun for themselves and their canine clients daily: amazing pack photographs.

Tim Pink and his assistant Erin Prevost typically walk around 50 dogs in a week. They don’t have any breed restrictions, but walking packs are divided by size. These often-photographed afternoon walks are part of Saratoga Dog Walkers‘ “Mid Day Pack Walk Program.”

“The program works with the dogs natural instincts to travel in a pack, but sadly, this primal ritual of dogs is something that most of our dogs never have the opportunity to do. By walking together on a regular basis, we’re creating a big family of well-behaved dogs in the local community!”

Pink first meets with a dog and forms a relationship with them before slowly introducing them to the pack. He looks to see how reactive the pup is to other dogs and how much obedience training they’ve had. Pink remembers each dog’s names and personality quirks.


The dogs’ walks are a minimum of 30 minutes long and average around 45 minutes. Pups are always dropped off back at home afterwards, cleaned of rain and dirt. Typically the walks will go on rain or shine, but if conditions are terrible each pup gets an individual potty visit.


These year-round pack walks are well documented on Saratoga Dog Walkers’ Instagram. They really keep things fresh with this account, always finding new locations and reasons to break for a photoshoot. Not that it’s possible for an account of dog pictures to be boring, but this one certainly never is.


Some of the best pictures feature one attention-seeking pup at the forefront, almost as though they took a selfie with all their friends.


Pink has been doing this since 2011, so I guarantee you there’s no shortage of pack pics to look through.


From the photographs at least it looks like the Pack Walk program really does improve the dogs’ obedience. Not one of them is a blur!


It’s clear Pink and Prevost love their jobs. The parents of these pups certainly love Saratoga Dog Walkers! The company has a certified 5-star rating on Facebook. I don’t have a dog under their care but I’d still rate them 5 stars for these incredible pics!

H/T: Cesar’s Way
Featured Image: @Saratogadogwalkers/Instagram

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