National Dog Mom’s Day Is Just Around The Corner – How Will You Celebrate?

You don’t have to give birth to be a mom. Some people adopt. Others foster. Some even open their homes to the children of friends or family when tragedy strikes.

And then there are those special ladies who devote all their motherly love to their canine fur kids. They are finally getting the recognition they deserve with the introduction of National Dog Mom’s Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2019 marks the second annual celebration of this new holiday. It is set to fall on the day before Mother’s Day which is usually the second Sunday in May. On the years that Mother’s Day falls on May 8, National Dog Mom’s day will be celebrated on the seventh.

The day was created by Dig, a dating app designed to match up dog-loving singles. According to the Dig website, the holiday was founded “to thank dog moms, foster dog moms, and future dog moms for all of the love they give to pups.”

Based on the stats, pup moms certainly deserve the recognition. A survey conducted by polled 1,000 female adult dog owners. Among the findings:

  • 3 out of 4 female pet parents consider themselves “dog moms.”
  • 45% of dog moms have referred to their dog as a “fur baby” or “fur kid,” and 40% just call the dog their “baby.”
  • 40% of female dog owners say they own dog-mom apparel, and 17% say they don’t own any, but want some.
  • Nearly half of the female dog owners celebrate their dog’s birthday (or other milestones), bring their dog with them on errands and shared an announcement on social media when they got their dog.
  • 40% have stayed up at night to comfort a crying puppy.
  • 24% have missed work to be home with a sick dog.
  • 50% of dog moms gush about their dog when meeting other people.
  • 62% said they take dozens of photos of their dog.

Dig is hosting special Dog Mom Day celebrations in Boston and San Francisco, as well as a Canine Cruise on the Baltimore Water Taxi. Learn more about these events and more on the Dig Website.

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