Nearly 75% Of Dog Parents Sleep With Their Pups: Heartwarming Or Hazardous?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused humans to become even closer to their furry friends. This includes longer walks, extra playtime, and of course, lengthy cuddle sessions. Being home more often seems better for both dogs and humans alike, but a recent survey is testing to see just how safe the extra time really is. Stonyfield Organic recently released a study of 1,000 dog parents in America. Sure enough, it revealed that people adore their dogs so much that the majority of them allow their dogs in their bed. For some, it’s a great bonding experience, but Stonyfield Organic thinks otherwise.

Dog on pillow

The Survey Results

64% of the people surveyed revealed that they walked their dogs more often during the coronavirus quarantine. After all, being cooped up inside all day with nowhere to go can be difficult. So, 85% of Americans said that they used a nearby park to fight boredom. Most of them used daily walks as a way to keep them from going crazy. They also spent more time in their yards and at parks than usual. Now, people are finally seeing how dogs feel on a regular basis.

This study also revealed that 74% of Americans let their dogs sleep on the bed or couch with them. Most dog lovers have no problem with this. However, Stonyfield Organic points out that these actions could be hazardous. Especially since dogs are spending more time outside lately. After all, 75% of humans think it’s important to take shoes off when entering a house. Yet, 77% admit to not wiping their dog’s paws before going inside. Why is this?

Dog under covers

Dog under covers

How to Safely Nap with Your Dog

When your dog goes outside, they could be coming into contact with lots of harmful substances. 65% of playing fields contain harmful pesticides, such as glyphosate and Dicamba. People seem to be concerned about their shoes tracking harmful substances into their homes, but they don’t consider what their dogs could be dragging inside.

Sadly, these chemicals can often get in your dog’s coat, especially near their paws. This isn’t just a concern for you, but it could affect your pup’s health too. Stonyfield Organic claims that dogs have a 70% higher risk of getting canine lymphoma cancer after being exposed to these harmful lawn care products.

“From a pet perspective, the issue of pesticides on backyards, parks, and fields – and the negative health effects they can have on our pets – is one that I wish more pet parents were aware of,” said celebrity veterinarian Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM. “In fact, given that pesticides may cause anything such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even seizures or death in dogs, I think it’s very important that pet parents take steps to limit their dogs’ exposure.”

Dog playing outside

Dog playing outside

Many people don’t know the risks of pesticides, which is why so many still use harmful products on their own lawns. It’s important for more families to switch to safer lawn care practices and to keep dogs away from harmful chemicals. When in doubt, wipe your dog’s paws before they enter your home. Sleeping beside your dog isn’t a bad thing, but if you do, it’s important to make sure that you both stay clean and healthy.

Do you want to know how to make your area safer for you and your pup? Check out Stonyfield Organic’s #PlayFree initiative for more information.

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