Neighbors Share Dog With Pet-Deprived Young Men

There is no greater comfort after a long day of adulting than the companionship of a dog. If you’ve had a hard one, the love of your dog will make you feel better. If you’ve had a great one, the love of your dog will make that small victory all the more sweet. Four young engineers who share a flat in the UK were feeling lonesome for some good ol’ doggo affection so they decided to ask their neighbors for a little help.

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Landlord Won’t Allow Pets

The four men have been sharing an apartment together for a few months now. They all grew up with animals in the home and were feeling pretty bummed that they weren’t allowed to have on in their rented flat. Their landlord has a strict no-pet policy and these guys aren’t about to break the rules. One day when they got home from work they noticed an adorable sight in a neighbor’s window. That’s when they got a brilliant idea.

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Can We Play With Your Dog?

In the nicest neighborly request we’ve seen, the guys composed an email to their neighbors explaining who they were and asking a special favor. A “diverse” group comprised of an Englishman, two Scots, and a Welshman, they tugged on their neighbors’ heartstrings stating that they were accustomed to having a dog in the house but were not allowed to have one in their current rental. Their letter said they noticed a sweet face peering at them from the window and wondered if the neighbors would allow their goodest boy or girl to spend some time with the dog-deprived flatmates.

They offered to walk the dog whenever needed, look after the dog, have the dog over to “brighten their day” or to simply watch the dog walk past the balcony window so the guys could get a look at her. That last bit surely struck a chord with the doting dog parents. Who could refuse such a sweet appeal from a group of guys that clearly needed some pup cuddles? The letter was simply signed, “The Boys.”

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Stevie Ticks Herself Replied to The Boys

Revealing what any Fleetwood Mac fan wished they’d thought of first, the response to The Boys came from cleverly named Stevie Ticks. And turns out, she is the goodest girl and her writing skills are remarkable! Her letter was sealed with a paw print, melting hearts in every corner of the internet. She told the boys that she was sympathetic to their dog-less predicament and that she would love to hang out.

She went on to tell The Boys a bit about herself. She is a Labrador/German Shepherd mix who came from Cyprus to a local shelter where her humans adopted her. Stevie Ticks is reportedly “very friendly and full of beans” and suggested that The Boys contact her “servant” via WhatsApp to set up a meeting. They did just that, and they group got on famously from the very start.

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Play Dates and Becoming a Viral Sensation

Stevie Ticks and The Boys have already hung out and plan to do so again as often as their schedules allow. Stevie Ticks now has her own Instagram page, where she is quickly drawing followers. She is trying to stay level in the face of her newfound fame, but admits that the spotlight is almost as exciting as the first ten minutes when her humans arrive home. Follow the adventures of this shiny black beauty and her friends @stevieticks.

Image Jack McCrossan Twitter

Featured Image Jack McCrossan Twitter

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