New Dating App Helps Dog People Find Puppy Love


If “must love dogs” is a rule you apply to your romantic life, you may want to check out Dig, the dating app designed for dog people. According to sisters and co-founders, Leigh and Casey Isaacson, 55% of single adults in the U.S. are pet owners.

Dig provides a safe, innovative way for those singles to meet and get to know one another.

“Dig is a dating app for people who love dogs and have dogs,” Leigh said in an interview with Detroit’s Fox 2. “It’s a niche dating app but it’s a huge community of people looking for someone who is going to match their compatibility, their lifestyle, their love for dogs.”

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The app allows you to view photos of your potential matches and their dogs before deciding if you’d like to chat. Should you decide to meet up, Dig will even show you a list of dog-friendly parks, bars and restaurants in your area.

Users do not have to be searching for love to benefit from the app. In addition to daily tips and tricks on dog ownership, it is also an excellent way to meet like-minded friends living in your city.

“I think the app is also applicable to people who are not just crazy dog people,” Detroit dog mom, Kristen Ige told Fox 2. “But for example if I just want to meet people in the city and didn’t want to leave my dog alone, or if I wanted to socialize my dog as well it would be great to go and have my dog meet other people and if they have other dogs, too.”

The Dig app is currently available in the Isaacson sisters’ home town of New Orleans as well as New York, Boston, and Detroit. Dog lovers in San Francisco and Austin can look forward to downloading it later this year.

Learn more about Dig or sign up today at

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