New Netflix Series Celebrates The Bond Between Humans And Dogs


Humans have bonded with dogs in ways that we have not with any other animal. Some might argue that cats and horses and other creatures are similar – but we’ve reached an entirely new level of love and understanding with dogs.

Netflix is bringing us a new series that explores some of the truly unique relationships some people have built with their pups. We all enjoy a certain bond with our dogs, but these are pairs that have gone through trials most of us will never experience. One episode follows a Syrian refugee in Germany as he works to be reunited with his best friend, a Husky named Zeus who was unable to escape with him. In the U.S., a girl who suffers seizures finds comfort and friendship when she meets a dog who can detect her oncoming seizures. One episode takes us on a trip to Territorio de Zaguates – Costa Rica’s Land of the Strays.

All across the world dogs and humans are doing more and more to change each other’s lives. While watching Netflix’s Dogs, we’ll get to see these amazing stories unfold across six episodes. Let’s hope this is just the first season of many!

Watch the trailer here:

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Dogs will debut on Netflix November 16th. Be sure to clear your schedule and a space on your couch to binge-watch with your own dog!

Featured Photo: screenshot/YouTube

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