New Orleans UPS Driver Poses For Adorable Photos With Every Dog He Meets

Prepare to meet your new favorite UPS driver! It may seem like a weird concept, but there is actually quite a bit of competition for this title. Gone are the days when delivery people complained about being chased by neighborhood dogs.

The internet is now packed with pup-loving drivers and mail carriers. And, in my opinion, Jay Hardesty is among the best of the bunch!

Hardesty is a 30-year-old UPS deliveryman in New Orleans, Louisiana. For the past two years, he has been documenting the dogs he meets along his route and sharing them via Instagram.

While his page was already popular, it really exploded late last month after a person on his route shared the following tweet, revealing Hardesty’s special hashtag, #pupsofjay:

Hardesty gained more than 10,000 Instagram followers in 48 hours!

According to Buzzfeed, the kind-hearted driver has a few favorite fur friends like this gentle gal named Summer.

And these two Corgis, Oy and Belle. One of the short-legged pups has been a longtime friend of Hardesty, but the other was too shy to greet him during deliveries. However, two days before the pair moved away, the timid one finally gave in to the snuggles!

Check out the jealous cat in the background hatin’!

Hardesty says he has a large collection of pup photos just waiting to be shared. He is currently limiting himself to one new doggo post per week on Friday evenings.

Mixed in with his dog photos are lovely family pics and some gorgeous shots of life in New Orleans. To see all of his adorable, funny, and heartwarming snapshots, follow Hardesty on Instagram!

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