Ohio Animal Shelter Emptied (In A Good Way) During COVID-19

Even though dogs can’t contract COVID-19 to our knowledge, many have been impacted by the outbreak. Animal shelters are, after all, staffed by people who are susceptible to the virus. With less staff available and an increase in owner surrenders, shelter animals suffer too. Not to mention, people no longer venture into shelters looking to adopt.

These days, social media is a vital tool for interacting with our community. The Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio took advantage of this for their animals’ sake. They issued a plea on Facebook for fosters and adopters.

“Temporary foster homes are needed for our animals, as well. This is the perfect opportunity to help your local humane society while you’re at home for an extended period of time! Are your kids driving you crazy already? Foster a dog and have the kiddos spend the next several weeks working on obedience training. It’s a win-win!”


Animal Friends announced a week-long adoption event: “Name Your Price”! Interested adopters could choose the amount they wanted to spend on a cat or dog. They just needed to pay a $14.75 license fee for dogs.

In just four days, all but 8 of the dogs in the shelter had gone home or to fosters. Photos of empty dog and cat kennels illustrate the power of community support.


Now the shelter has room to take in more strays and surrenders. Plus, so many dogs, cats, and people will be content and loved during this difficult time.


The shelter thanked their kindhearted community on Facebook.

“The last 4 days have been busy and exciting! It’s so uplifting to see family after family offering up their homes to a foster animal. This not only lessens the burden on our staff and volunteers, but more importantly it ensures those animals will not have to endure the majority of their days alone in the shelter should we be forced to close down.”

Even when people step up like this to help out their local shelter, new animals continue to come in. Anyone looking to save a life and have some company during this time still can! Many shelters offer free supplies and care for their foster animals. Contact your nearby shelter to find out which animals are available.

We can all use someone to cuddle with right now, especially if you’re used to sleeping alone on a kennel floor. Help replicate this story in your community!

Featured Image: @AnimalFriendsHS/Facebook

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