Ohio Police Officer Surprises Daughter With Stray He Rescued

Officer Ken Bozeman was out patrolling in the wee hours of the night when he spotted the pup wandering up and down Hudson Street in Columbus, Ohio. He didn’t pay him any mind and continued patrolling until later, when he spotted a man on a bicycle kicking at the pup. The man told Officer Bozeman he was afraid the dog was going to bite him, and that he wasn’t trying to harm him, just keep him away.

The dog had been wandering the neighborhood for some time, begging for food, he was wet and had mud caked in his fur. It was cold enough that the rainwater and mud frosted over a bit. But even as cold as he was, and after his encounter with the man, the dog was playful and friendly. Officer Bozeman parked his car and offered the pup some jerky and managed to take him back to the substation for a bath. He offered it water, food, and helped warm him up.

“Even throughout the night the dog stayed shaking even after it was washed and put in a warm house and everything, it still kind of shivered a bit.”

The two became fast friends, and Officer Bozeman knew that his family would love the dog too. He and his 6-year-old daughter recently suffered the loss of their pup after 7 years of loyal companionship. That afternoon, he and the dog were waiting when his daughter got off the bus from school.

The law requires a mandatory 3-day stray hold, but the pup was able to spend it with Officer Bozeman and his daughter. His information was posted to lost-and-found pages on social media and he notified the local shelter. After three days, the shelter let him know that no one had stepped forward to claim the pup, and he officially became a part of the Bozeman family!

His daughter suggested the name “Shiny,” but the family chose the name “Hudson,” after the street where Officer Bozeman found him.

H/T: WTSP.com
Featured Photo: Pet FBI Ohio/Columbus Division of Police

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