Owner Facing Homelessness Leaves Dog At Shelter With Heartbreaking Note


“Please take care of Sky. She is 6 years old and friendly. I couldn’t take care of her, I became homeless and couldn’t feed her. She is not sick just hungry, very friendly. Please find her a home. Please.”

These gut-wrenching words were found in a note attached to an abandoned dog’s harness last week. The terrier mix was discovered roaming free on the Delaware Humane Association‘s property.

Sky wore a spiked leather harness that hung awkwardly on her thin frame. Shelter Director Kerry Flanagan Bruni estimates she is about 20 pounds underweight.

“It appears just to be that she wasn’t being fed the proper amount,” Flanagan Bruni said in an interview with Delaware Online. “Other than being underweight, “she’s doing great. She’s very sweet, very friendly. Sky is also dog-friendly.”

Despite her condition, DHA took to Facebook asking their followers to show compassion for the former owner, as well as the pup. The post reads, in part:

“We can’t imagine this was easy for her former owner, so please refrain from expressing any negative thoughts you may have.”

Followers of the shelter’s page responded with overwhelming support. Some offered to foster Sky until the owner could get back on his or her feet. Others asked the down-on-their-luck dog parent to contact them directly for help with food, clothing and shelter. Many more sent monetary donations and supplies from DHA’s Amazon Wishlist.

Sky has been checked out by a veterinarian, and apart from being underweight and covered in fleas, she appears to be healthy. They are awaiting lab results to see if intestinal parasites are contributing to her low body weight.

She will be held on a five-day stray hold before being placed in foster care. DHA is currently accepting adoption applications for her, but will not review them until the stray hold expires. They also filed a report with Delaware Animal Services in case someone out there is searching for Sky.

H/T to Delaware Online

Featured Images via Facebook/Delaware Humane Association

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