Pack Of Puppies Chase A Delighted Girl In Cute Pursuit

When it comes to cuteness, a little girl and a pack of plump puppies rank pretty high on the list. A viral video is making the rounds that shows just how adorable this combination can be, especially when the little girl is giggling in delight.

puppies chasing little girl
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Family Going To Pick Out a Puppy

The young girl and her family were going to pick out a German Shepherd puppy to bring home. German Shepherds are wonderful family dogs. They are intelligent, highly responsive to training, and protective. As puppies, they are very energetic and playful. The viral video shows this to be true!

Tons of Squeaky Puppies “Attack”

All of the available puppies were let out to run around in a large open area. The family observed the frolicking bunch, trying to decide which one would be the best choice for them. The girl begins to run and you can hear all the puppies making little squealing noises. They want to be closer to this friendly human! All at once, they seem to “attack” the girl in playful pursuit.

German Shepherd puppies and little girlsGerman Shepherd puppies and little girls
Image Screenshot ViralHog/YouTube

Everyone Within Earshot is Laughing

The girl quickly realized that the puppies wanted to chase her. She started to run faster, lopping around in large circles. The puppies began yipping and yapping, close on her heels. Every person the camera picked up in the audio is heard laughing. Who could resist?

German Shepherd Puppies Are Often Called Land Sharks

Those who have experience raising German Shepherd puppies sometimes refer to them as “land sharks.” This is due to the fact that this breed is quite rambunctious in the puppy stage and they tend to nip and bite at humans. German Shepherds can be taught not to do this and it’s important that it be addressed before the puppy gets big.

little girl and German Shepherd puppieslittle girl and German Shepherd puppies
Image Screenshot ViralHog/YouTube

Playing Safe With German Shepherd Puppies

Of course, German Shepherd (or any other breed of pup) does not mean any harm when playing with young kids. Puppies of every kind like to bite and wrestle. Puppy teeth are small but sharp. Children should be supervised when playing with puppies. Adults should redirect puppies if the play gets too rough. This will keep everyone in the puppy pile safe during play sessions.

Puppies of All Breeds Mount Playful Attacks

Naturally, German Shepherds aren’t the only breed of puppies that like to pounce onto children with an attack of love. Other popular videos show Golden Retriever puppies chasing and bounding towards a willing child. Is there anything more fun than being pounced on by a litter of puppies?

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Featured Image Screenshot ViralHog/YouTube

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