People Pull Together To Help Pets In Hurricane Florence’s Path


When faced with something as devastating and dangerous as a hurricane, people will come together in amazing ways to help each other through it. And pets are definitely not excluded. On the East Coast, people in areas affected by Hurricane Florence have come through for their shelters in a big way.

Saving Grace NC had already taken in several dogs from coastal-area shelters that needed to be evacuated. But they didn’t want their pets to ride out the storm huddled alone in a kennel, so they took to social media to ask for help from the public. They invited people who were able to open their homes to a shelter pet to foster or adopt before the storm hit. On Thursday, the day before Hurricane Florence made landfall, people showed up in droves to take a pet home. A picture of the winding line outside the shelter of people waiting to foster was shared to social media and has since gone viral.

Over 120 pets are riding out the storm with a Florence foster or new family.

Shelters are helping each other by transporting pets out of areas that are expected to be hit hardest. Especially those along the coast. Charleston Animal Society helped this week by transporting 42 pets from Myrtle Beach to Greenville, South Carolina.

And it’s not just the locals who are lending a hand. The Greenville Humane Society has seen an outpouring of wishlist donations for the pets in their care from all over the country.

Our wonderful readers are also pitching in – together, we’ve raised nearly $15,000 for GreaterGood. After the storm has passed, GreaterGood will provide relief for pets in the area! After Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria last year, GreaterGood provided relief in the form of food, bedding, litter, medicines and vaccines for pets to shelters across Texas, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

If you want to help shelters and pets in Hurricane affected areas, you can donate to Learn more about the impact you helped make after last year’s hurricanes by clicking here.

Featured Photo: Saving Grace NC/Facebook

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