Photos Show The True Life Of Military Dogs

We often hear about the incredible work police and military working dogs do, and the lasting impression they leave on those who work with them. But it’s difficult to understand what really goes on between dog and handler if you’re not one yourself. Films about MWDs give us a quick glimpse, but according to handlers, they often miss the mark.

“It is very hard for handlers to watch movies about MWDs nowadays because we are always their biggest critics,” Air Force Staff Sgt. Monica Rodriguez tells the Military Times. She has been a K-9 handler for years and explains that though some aspects of the job aren’t accurately depicted the bond between handler and K-9 is. “As far as the mental and physical connection between the handlers and dogs, they are spot on. It is one of the most touching qualities about a dog team.”

These are some of the things handers online have to say about their work and their partners.

“This dog has given me a reason to work hard at being a better handler AND a better version of myself. He’s helped me find the confidence in myself to believe I can do this job. He’s given me love and affection when I’m far away from my loved ones. He’s given me joy when I have had none.” -MASN Higuera and MWD Chucky, MWD Magazine.

“The dog is neither tool nor boy, you are partners, giving each other advice. Each brings something to the work that the other doesn’t have and cannot do alone.” – Sgt Allison Lotz, MWD Magazine.

“Born to love, trained to serve. Loyal to the end. Best friend to our nations finest. We serve our master who serves mankind. Faithful to the end. A handlers extra sense to guide and protect. Your eyes in the dark, a nose for danger, a partner faithful beyond words.” – @rachiiebabyy

“When I tell you that I love this job more than life itself I mean that whole heartedly, but when I also tell you that this dog tests my damn patience beyond belief sometimes I also mean that whole heartedly 😂” – @sarah.carver95

“A good working boy is never really off duty. We don’t deserve them.” -@specialforcesmedics

“There is no better love.” –@thelittlest_oneeight

“Thanks for walking this trip with me so far, buddy.” – @_.freki

“Only those who have dogs can understand the unconditional love they offer and the immense pain when they leave.” – @cypriiiano

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Featured Photo: @rachiiebabyy/Instagram

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