Pit Bull Saves Woman’s Life, Changing Her Views On His Breed Forever

Simba the Pit Bull is one of the friendliest dogs in his neighborhood. He lives in an apartment in Sweden with his dad, Arjanit Mehana. When they walk together, Simba often tries to seek attention from other neighbors, but many of them try to avoid him simply because of the stereotypes they’ve heard about his breed. One woman in particular had very strong feelings about her thoughts on Simba.

An older woman that lives near Simba was always very cautious around him. Simba would often try to greet her, but she would just call him mean. She always looked at him in fear, and it was only because he was a Pit Bull. She never even gave him a chance. Sadly, many of the other neighbors felt the same.

Simba refused to let the woman’s judgements get to him though. He knew that he was a good boy, so he continued to be as sweet and friendly as possible.

Image: @arjanitmehana/Instagram

Simba’s Brave Rescue

One day, when Mehana and Simba were going for their usual walk, Simba stopped dead in his tracks. He barked and ran to the door where the old woman lived. Mehana tried to pull on his leash to get him to come home, but Simba wouldn’t budge.

Mehana approached Simba, ready to carry him home. But that’s when he heard a sound coming from inside the apartment that seemed like a weak cry for help. It sounded like the woman inside was saying “please, don’t go.”

Her door was unlocked, so Mehana opened it. To his surprise, he saw the woman on her floor, struggling to get up. She had collapsed and broken her hip. It seemed like she had been alone like that for a while. If Simba hadn’t come to the rescue, the poor woman might not have survived.

Image: @arjanitmehana/Instagram

Mehana called 9-1-1, and an ambulance came right away. To his surprise, she was very grateful of Simba. She no longer looked at him in fear, but instead, she finally saw him for the sweet dog that he truly is. Even though she had never been nice to him, he was still nice to her, especially when she needed it most.

“She said, ‘Thank you for hearing me.’ I thought she was talking to me at first,” Mehana said. “But then she said, ‘No, not you — the nice doggie.’”

Now, Simba is recognized as a hero. His neighbors have finally started to show him the love he deserves, and now he’s no longer judged because of his breed. His kind actions helped to show the world that all dogs can be kind and loving, regardless of their breed and the stereotypes associated with them. Hopefully Simba can help everyone see how sweet Pit Bulls truly are.

Image: Arjanit Mehana Facebook

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Featured Image: Arjanit Mehana Facebook

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