Police Officer Rescues Pup On Busy Florida Interstate

We know by now that many police officers have a massive heart for the world’s four-legged creatures. Big, muscular men became totally overjoyed with emotion time and time again and stone-faced women can’t help but boop a puppy nose. It comes as no surprise then that a police officer recently risked his life to save a pup on the interstate.

Risking His Life To Save Another

Officer Joseph Puglia was working a shift with the Pinellas Park Police Department when he witnessed a small dog get struck by a car. Pinellas Park is located just outside of Tampa. The Tampa Bay area is known for its high volume of traffic and expansive interstate systems.

Posted by Pinellas Park Police Department on Friday, September 20, 2019

The tiny dog ran into traffic on Interstate 275 where he was hit by a car right before Officer Puglia’s eyes. He told Fox 35 that his heart sank until he noticed the small dog was miraculously still breathing. The kind-hearted officer was sworn to protect and serve and that’s exactly what he did.

Quick Thinking Saved This Dog’s Life

Dashcam footage shows Officer Puglia springing into action just seconds after the accident. He quickly maneuvered his patrol car to block traffic. Then he scooped the tiny fur baby into his arms and wrapped him in a blanket. The pair rushed about six miles to Pinellas Animal Hospital who were awaiting their arrival. Officer Puglia thought fast and radioed in to dispatch to alert the animal hospital, giving the dog the best chance of survival.

“This incident is just another example of the dedication and compassion our officers have for our four legged friends. Great job to Ofc. Puglia.”

The dog was fittingly nicknamed Lucky. He suffered only minor cuts and bruises and thankfully will make a full recovery. Lucky didn’t have a microchip or tag so he was taken to the local animal shelter where he will be held. The lucky little guy already has a family that is ready to welcome him into their home if he isn’t claimed.

A Second Save Just Days Apart

The Pinellas Park Police Department made another great save this week! A lost dog had been found trapped in a canal. Officer Fox didn’t think twice before climbing a fence and trudging through the muddy hillside. He was successful in leading the dog to safety. The only tragedy here were his mushy boots!

We are so thankful for these officers and all of their sacrifices!

h/t: Fox 35

Featured Photo: @PinellasParkPD/Facebook

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