Pro Athletes Cuddle With Abandoned Bait Dog In Anti-Dogfighting PSA

Meadow was found on the side of the road in a box. She was covered in wounds, both new and old. Caretakers were unsure if she’d survive.

Meadow was most likely used as a bait dog. She was too gentle to fight other dogs, but she did fight for her life – and won!

Photo via Pasado’s Safe Haven/Facebook

For those who do not know, a bait dog is typically small and mild tempered. Larger fight dogs are egged on and forced to attack these helpless animals as “practice” for a matched fight.

Authorities believe the 3-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier type-dog was packed up and disposed of when severe injuries rendered her useless in the dogfighting ring.

Photo via Pasado’s Safe Haven/Facebook

When found, she had fresh bite wounds on both front legs and her body was covered with a dark purple substance known as Wound-Kote, often used to treat wounds on livestock.

Meadow was left with hundreds of physical scars. We’ll never know the extent of her emotional trauma.

Photo via Pasado’s Safe Haven/Facebook

Pasado’s Safe Haven Animal Rescue & Sanctuary of Sultan, Washington took Meadow in and played a major role in her recovery. Rescuers were amazed by her sweetness and willingness to trust humans. Despite her horrific history, Meadow was ready to experience the love of a family.

Photo via Pasado’s Safe Haven/Facebook

But before she headed off to a new home, this special girl had important work to do! She teamed up with local Seattle athletes and celebrities to film an anti-dogfighting PSA.

Among her costars were Seattle Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright, former Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux, MMA legend and coach Matt Hume, and ‘Washington’s Most Wanted’ host David Rose Q13 Fox News.

Screenshot via Pasados Safe Haven/YouTube

Meadow wore a cast bearing the Seahawks’ signature colors on her still-injured front leg during the shoot.

“It’s not a sport. It’s animal cruelty, plain and simple,” Wright says in the video. “These dogs, they need a voice. They need someone to stand up for them.”

“When an athlete steps into the ring, they make the choice,” adds MMA fighter, Matt Hume. “This little girl didn’t have a choice. She was forced into the ring.”

Check out the entire PSA below.

[embedded content]

The PSA urges anyone with information on dogfighting or animal abuse to speak up and report it.

Pasado’s Safe Haven also offered a $2,500 reward for tips leading to an arrest in Meadow’s case. Witnesses say a tall white man with a mustache and camouflage pants tossed her from a black pickup truck near State Route 522 in unincorporated Snohomish County between Maltby and Woodinville, Washington.

Photo via Pasado’s Safe Haven/Facebook

Meadow has since been adopted into a loving family where she is thriving!

H/T to Q13 Fox News

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