Pro Baseball Player Hits A Home Run Then Adopts His Furry Good Luck Charm

Jeff McNeil of the New York Mets had quite a charmed experience at the ballpark last week. As the team prepared for a home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, they were visited by adoptable puppies from the North Shore Animal League.

McNeil was especially drawn to a fuzzy blond pooch with a black muzzle, even posing for a photo with her snuggled against his chest.

Before the game, McNeil was on the phone to his wife Tatiana pleading for permission to adopt the pup. He made sure to use the video chat option so the puppy’s cuteness could help melt her resolve. They agreed to visit the pooch together that weekend.

After hitting his 10th home run of the season, the All-Star returned to the dugout with the pup still on his mind.

“Hitting a home run after holding a puppy, I think that gives me a little bargaining chip,” he said in an interview. “My wife wants more homers, then we may have to get a puppy.”

The McNeils adopted the pup the following day! For now she is a “player to be a named later,” but they are working on the perfect monicker.

Jeff McNeil leads the majors with a .340 batting average. He’s an All-Star in our book!

H/T to CBS New York

Featured Image via Instagram/JeffMcNeil805

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