Pup Survives Being Shot 17 Times & Becomes An Inspirational Therapy Dog

Maggie’s story is one of the worst cases of abuse we have ever come across. Although some of the details are hazy, here’s what we know about her past:

She was discovered beaten and chained on a roadside in Beirut. Maggie had been shot 17 times, her right ear cut off, and her jaw broken. She was also heavily pregnant.

Maggie was rescued and brought to the UK by the Wild At Heart Foundation. A veterinarian tending to her injuries made yet another horrifying discovery. Maggie’s attacker had intentionally shot her in both eyes. Four bullets were removed from the infected remains.

Although blinded and victimized, Maggie (formerly known as Angie) showed no fear. She gave rescuers all her trust, as if she’d never been betrayed by a human.

25-year-old Kasey Carline from Brighton, UK followed Maggie’s story. She and her mother decided to first foster, then adopt her.

As an added bonus to her new life of luxury, Maggie formed a fast and powerful bond with Carline’s dog Mishka. The adorable pair can be found snuggling and adventuring together on Instagram @Maggiethewunderdog.

Carline saw the positive response Maggie elicited from others and decided to train her as a therapy dog with the help of Underdog International. Together, they now visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools sharing Maggie’s story and spreading her message of hope and perseverance.

According to Carline, the dog’s inner strength is infectious.

“Maggie isn’t a designer breed, she has no eyes, a missing ear, scars all over her face, loose skin (and saggy boobs) but not a bit of that matters because she is a truly loving spirit and she brings a smile to everyone’s faces,” she told the Wild At Heart Foundation. “It’s okay to be different or unconventional because that’s what makes us beautiful!”

Maggie may not be a champion show dog, but her zest for life is an inspiration to everyone she meets.

The proof is in her Instagram page, which currently has more than 178,000 followers. Maybe her popularity stems from her ability to make us all a little more comfortable in our own skin.

As Carline says, Maggie “sees with her heart, not her eyes.”

H/T to The Epoch Times

Featured Image via Instagram/Maggie the Wunderdog

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