Puppy Looks Like An Adorable Dog And Cat Hybrid

Many individuals are either a dog person or a cat person, but why can’t some people be both? A new famous puppy proves that you can! Pictures of an unusual-looking puppy took over the internet in no time, and it was simply because the adorable pup looks like a dog and cat hybrid! This sweet little pup is named Dúi, which means raccoon in Vietnamese. He’s stolen the hearts of dog and cat lovers all around the world!

Image: Gấu Mèo Bắc Mỹ Facebook

Dúi’s Rise to Fame

Dúi first made an appearance on a Reddit post. A user shared some adorable photos of him with the caption “meet the derpiest fuzzball to ever walk the Earth”. He appears to have the face of a puppy, but the body of a cat. People immediately began commenting, trying to guess what breed this incredible pup is.

Some users guessed that Dúi is an ancient Vietnamese dog breed while others pointed out that he looks like a Corgi mix. No one could quite put their finger on what he was, but they all agreed he was adorable.

Image: Gấu Mèo Bắc Mỹ Facebook

After seeing how much attention Dúi was getting online, Dúi’s parents, Hai Anh and Tuan, decided to help their pup become a social media star. They created a Facebook page for him where they share lots of adorable photos and videos of the pup. He’s already gotten about 125,000 likes so far! Everyone loves the adorable cat-like dog!

What Breed is Dúi?

Hai Anh and Tuan were able to give some insights about their unique dog. They got him in a mountain province in Vietnam. So, they’re not completely sure what breed he is, but they have some ideas.

“He is a mix of a native dog breed and a short-legged dog called Dingo. But I think he might have a gene mutation too,” said Hai Anh.

Image: Gấu Mèo Bắc Mỹ Facebook

Even though Dúi looks like a cat, Hai Anh said that the puppy acts just like any other dog. He loves playing and running around every chance he gets. His bright personality can clearly be seen in every photo of him. He always has a cute little smile across his face!

“Like every puppy, he likes playing with both humans and dog friends. He is really sweet and funny!” said Hai Anh.

Image: Gấu Mèo Bắc Mỹ Facebook

We might never find out why Dúi looks so cat-like, but as he grows up, it might be easier to tell what breed of dog he really is. However, his cuteness is much more important than his breed, and it’s likely that he will only get more popular and more adorable each and every day! Follow him on Facebook to get more adorable updates on his life!

H/T: boredpanda.com
Featured Image: Gấu Mèo Bắc Mỹ Facebook

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