Puppy Stolen From Car In 2017 Was Just Reunited With His Dad Who Never Gave Up Looking For Him

A 4-month-old puppy was stolen just two days before Christmas in 2017. Schiele was a tiny Belgian Malinois rescue pup from Puerto Rico. He and his dad lived in South Florida but they had been staying in California when Schiele went missing. Schiele’s dad, Rian Maercks, had left the puppy locked inside his Tesla with the windows up and the air conditioning on. Maercks quickly ran inside a store to pick up a grill. He thought he was doing his best to keep Schiele comfortable for a few short minutes but their world quickly changed.

Shattered Glass And A Missing Puppy

Maercks’ rear driver’s side window had been shattered. Sadly, Schiele was nowhere to be found.

“I looked at my front seat, and I expected to see this beautiful puppy sleeping, and he wasn’t there,” Maercks told wsvn.com


Maercks described his lost pup as one of the most intelligent and loving dogs he had ever met. He offered a $2,000 reward but he began to lose hope as the days turned to months. Schiele’s desperate dad was doing everything he could to bring his furbaby home safe. He even offered money to anybody who shared Schiele’s wanted poster on Facebook if their sharing led to Schiele’s return. The post had been shared nearly 500 times.

“The whole energy of my house has changed without him. It’s not the same,” Schiele’s distraught dad told nbcmiami.com. “I feel the lack of his presence all the time. I haven’t really slept in three days – I just want my son back.”

Maercks told wsvn.com that he was “madly in love” with Schiele and he sincerely hoped he would find his way back to him. He reportedly has no family besides his dogs. The holidays were hard for Maercks ever since, but then a miracle happened.


A Miracle Happened Right As Two Years Approached

Schiele’s dad received a phone call this past week from the local animal shelter. They called to let him know his precious baby had been found! Someone had dropped him off at the shelter and he was ready to be reunited. Schiele appeared to be well cared for despite the circumstances.

“I thought he was either dead or abused or all kinds of thoughts passed through my mind, so I’m really happy to find he’s a healthy and beautiful happy dog,” Maercks said. “I’m just really happy to see that he’s not dead. He doesn’t look malnourished or beaten.”

There’s no telling what Schiele’s life was like for the past two years. However, Maercks is taking time to get reacquainted with his boy. Surely there are lots of snuggles and treats involved!

h/t: wsvn.com
Featured Photo: @RianMaercks/Facebook

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