Rachael Ray Rescues Another Pit Bull

Just last month I brought you the sad news that Isaboo, Rachael Ray’s beloved 15-year-old Pit Bull, had passed. The celebrity chef is a well-known Pit Bull lover and animal advocate. Since Ray and her husband John Cusimano rescued Isaboo, they knew the late pup would want them to save another Pittie.

And save another Pittie they did! In an Instagram post, Ray announced the official adoption of Bella Boo Blue, a gray Pit Bull puppy with gorgeous blue eyes. She wrote:

“Happy Adoption Day to Bella Boo Blue who we welcome to our family today! She loves how we roll! (…in the outdoor carpeting)”


Just like the older sister she sadly never got to meet, little Bella loves a duck toy!

The “Boo” in her name serves as an homage to Isaboo. Isaboo herself was partially named after Ray’s first Pit Bull Boo. Boo passed away in 2004, and when Ray adopted Isaboo she saw some Boo inside the puppy.


Bella Boo Blue seems to have a bit of everyone in her, and she’s a perfect fit for the family. As Ray herself points out:

“You can never replace a loved one, but you can learn to love again.”

Bella Boo Blue is sure to be showered with unconditional love, just like her older sisters were. Plus, she’ll get to enjoy some of Ray’s homemade gourmet dog cakes.

Rachael Ray’s Animal Advocacy

Throughout her career, Ray and her husband have supported several animal welfare charities. The couple works closely with North Shore Animal League, having supported the organization a lot in the past. In return, NSAL helped them find Bella.

Rachael’s own foundation, Rachael’s Rescue, has donated millions to animal charities and rescue organizations like NSAL and ASPCA. A portion of proceeds from each sale of her dog food brand Nutrish is donated to The Rachael Ray Foundation. Through Rachael’s Rescue, those funds save animal lives!


Ray also speaks out against Pit Bull bans and works to change the breed’s unfair stereotypes. As a response to a proposed ban in New York, Rachael plugged the “Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar” on her show. The calendar’s sales benefited the New Jersey Liberty Humane Society and was meant to show “the kid-friendly side of the often stereotyped breed.” The calendars completely sold out.

Bella makes a great case: when you lose a dog, a part of your heart will always be with them. But there’s more room in your heart for a new kind of love. Happy Adoption Day Bella Boo Blue!

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