Read This Veteran’s Firsthand Account Of How His Canine Companion Changed His Life


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“Hello, my name is Chuck G. I was in the Marine Corp. from 1967 to 1971. I was a second-place finisher in the Southeast-Asian War Games.

“When I came home, I had spine damage, eyesight damage and years later found out I was suffering from PTSD.

“My therapist at the VA recommended Pets for Vets for me. I contacted them, and they were very helpful and instrumental in finding me a companion. They found me a dog that loves to ride in the truck with me and is also good around our grandchildren. He, Charlie, sleeps next to me at night giving me comfort and helps me through the bad nights.

“I have bonded with “Charlie” completely and he with me; he is my best friend and shadow. It worked out for both of us, he was in the shelter for three years of his life suffering, and I have been suffering for years from nightmares, depression and fighting my own battles.

“Since I’ve had Charlie we walk at the park every day in the morning, he goes with me everywhere and helps me get through the day. I have become more social through Charlie’s interactions with other dogs and their owners and his friendliness with everyone he meets.

“The unconditional love, trust, and companionship we share has helped me so much.”

– Chuck G

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