Rescue Becomes First Arson K9 Detection Pit Bull

It takes a special dog to handle the role of an arson K9 detection dog. But who’s to say that it can’t be a rescue dog? Throw Away Dogs Project proves that some rescue dogs can be trained to become working dogs. In fact, one of their most recently trained dogs is a rescue Pit Bull named Hansel. Hansel has now become the first arson K9 detection Pit Bull thanks to this amazing project. Plus, this good boy loves his new job!

Image: @throwawaydogs/Facebook

Becoming a Working Dog

Hansel was rescued from a dog-fighting ring when he was only 7 weeks old. He was part of a global campaign called “Share the 21”, which rescued dogs that were going to be euthanized in Canada.  

From there, he made his way to the Throw Away Dogs Project where they discovered that he was the perfect pup to be trained as a working dog. One of his litter mates was also rescued, and she’s now working as a therapy dog.

Image: @throwawaydogs/Facebook

“He exhibited all the qualities that a regular working dog, police K9 dog, has,” said Carol Skaziak, the Throw Away Dogs founder.

Hansel spent plenty of time training for his new role at the New Jersey Police K9 Association’s academy training. He quickly bonded with his trainer, Millville firefighter Tyler Van Leer. The two of them have been inseparable throughout the entire training process, and Hansel has learned so much from Van Leer.

Image: @throwawaydogs/Facebook

Hansel On Duty

Hansel has come a long way since his training began. He’s about to start working shifts alongside Van Leer. Van Leer said that whenever he tells Hansel they’re going to work, the dog immediately gets excited. He loves his job and he’s very good at it!

“In the instance where the scene is safe, I’ll determine where the point of origin is and then I’ll dig out that area. Then Hansel will come in and sniff out the area that I’ve dug out,” said Van Leer. “If he sits, then I’ll take evidence. If he doesn’t sit, then it most likely was not an intentionally set fire.”

Image: @throwawaydogs/Facebook

Not only will Hansel’s job help lots of people, but his human team members hope that it will change the way the world sees bully breeds. Hansel is just as qualified for his job as the other working dogs. His breed didn’t hold him back even for a second.

Hansel had a rough start to life, but the people at Throw Away Dogs Project gave him a chance. They led him to Van Leer, who is now such an important person in Hansel’s life. This sweet dog finally found his purpose and a loving home along the way.

Image: @throwawaydogs/Facebook

Featured Image: @throwawaydogs/Facebook

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