Rescue Dog Turned K9 Officer Makes Drug Bust 7 Hours Into First Shift

The folks at Animal Farm Foundation believe all dogs are individuals and should not be categorized because of their breed. Although Dodger bears the physical traits of a Pit Bull-type dog, this does not define who he is or what he is capable of.

He was chosen for training and service as a drug and weapons detection dog due to his intelligence, high energy, and eagerness to learn.

Photo via Instagram @SpurK9Dodger

Dodger and his handler Officer Eric Keaton were one of seven teams that graduated from the detection dog program on Feb. 28 in Ferris, TX.

After breezing through his training and forming a strong bond with Officer Keeton, K9 Dodger demonstrated his detection skills for Spur Police Chief Robert Garcia in an open-air sniff exercise this past Monday.

Photo via Instagram @SpurK9Dodger

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