Rescue Rebuild Fixes Fire-Damaged Shelter and Makes It Even Better Than Before!

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A deadly fire brings hope. Over 20 volunteers came and helped’s Rescue Rebuild repair damages at Ritchie County Humane Society. This shelter sadly suffered a fire that not only caused a lot of damage on their property both inside and outside, but also took the lives of some of their beloved animals. This shelter desperately needed help as well as hope.

To start with the property itself, the team regraded the entire property. Due to the fire, the land became uneven and battered, so it needed leveling. By improving the terrain and changing drainage patterns, this enabled the renovations to be that much more successful.

Rescue Rebuild added six new 10×10 kennels that they built on top of a concrete pad. Pouring concrete takes quite the team. Not only does it take a great deal of patience, but you also have to work at quite a quick pace before it dries! Once the new kennels were complete, the team went to work on the older kennels that survived the fire.

They repaired all of the chain link, making the kennels safe and secure without any holes or bent-in or pulled out areas. To add finishing touches to each dog’s kennel, the team built the pups their own beds. Having beds in kennels allows the dogs to get up off the ground and have a place to sit or lay where they typically tend not to go potty… although you never know with puppies… they go just about anywhere!

This was quite a rewarding build as Rescue Rebuild was able to help lift the staff’s spirits at this shelter after a devastating fire. With Ritchie County Humane Society now having both new and patched up dog kennels, they no longer have to worry about where their dogs can safely sleep.

This incredible shelter rebuild was made possible with the help of iHeartDogs heroes! Your purchase from the Rescue Rebuild collection in the iHeartDogs store contributes to fantastic projects like these that make shelter life better for pets waiting for their forever homes!

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