Rescued From The Streets Of Mexico With Your Help

All dogs deserve love and comfort. Sadly, we know all too well that not all dogs get that chance. Thanks to some amazing rescue organizations, many dogs are getting the opportunity to have a life that they’ve always dreamed of. Such is the case with Rory. This gorgeous boy was found outside of a house in Mexico. He had been severely wounded by another dog. His open wounds needed immediate attention to spare him from any more agony.

Wounded And Ready For Love

Luckily, a good samaritan took Rory in and nursed him back to health. This sweet boy was eventually transported by START Rescue for a second chance at life. START transported Rory to Mostly Mutts where he continues receiving love and care until he finds his furever family.

START Rescue provides transportation for dogs to shelters where they are more likely to be adopted. They have transported nearly 13,000 dogs since they started their mission! They also provide spaying and neutering to dogs in need.

A Place Of Refuge, Care And Affection

Mostly Mutts is located in Camas, Washington. They believe dogs need a place to run and enjoy freedom until they find their new families, however long that may take. All dogs that come to stay at Mostly Mutts get access to toys and grassy areas where they can get the zoomies as often as they please!

Photo: Hiro Takashima via Unsplash

Mostly Mutts rescue dogs from California and Mexico. They often get asked why they want to save dogs from Mexico, considering there are so many homeless dogs stateside. Here’s what they have to say:

“For us, the answer is simple. There are so many mistreated dogs there and very little resources to care for them. Most vets in Mexico are overloaded and don’t have the funding, supplies, or staff to provide proper animal care,” they said on their website. “We simply love dogs no matter where they come from. We don’t do what we do for fame, glory, or money. We do what we do because we believe in saving lives that are in dire need of help.”

Thanks to you, START and rescues like Mostly Mutts can continue helping dogs in need. These dogs will continue to get the medical help, love, and affection that each one deserves. Let’s give a round of a-paws for START and Mostly Mutts! And to YOU for helping to make it all possible!

h/t: START Rescue

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