Rhode Island Rescue Helps Woman With Cancer Care For Her Four Senior Dogs


When Linda was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, her world flipped upside down. She was forced to leave her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to move in with her sister in Rhode Island. It was a big change, and her difficult treatment and new home weren’t the only issues on her mind. There were four Chihuahuas, 16-year-old Scaredy, 14-year-old Brewsy, 14-year-old Suzy, and 14-year-old Runty who were depending on her. She knew life was about to change for them too, but she was determined to do everything she could for her beloved dogs.

This is Linda. She was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and has been going through chemo. Linda had 4 senior…

Posted by Vintage Pet Rescue on Sunday, November 25, 2018

Under the stress of chemo, Linda knew she wouldn’t be able to take care of her dogs in the way they deserved. Her health forced her hand, and Linda and her sister started looking at options. Linda knew the dogs couldn’t continue to live with her while she was sick, but she desperately wanted them to stay together. She knew average shelters would either euthanize the dogs due to their ages, or her precious pups would spend the rest of their lives in cages. Neither option was acceptable. Linda and her sister scoured the area for a miracle solution, and then they found Vintage Pet Rescue.

Established only last year, Vintage Pet Rescue is a retirement and hospice home for senior pets. Owners Kristen and Marc Peralta commit themselves to providing a loving home for all senior animals no matter their age or health. The dogs in their care aren’t up for adoption, and instead, Vintage Pet Rescue gives them healthy meals, exercise, love, attention, and veterinary care. They have a home for life, and each dog is loved and well cared for.

Dinner time!

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Vintage Pet Rescue turned into exactly what Linda was looking for. She contacted Kristen Peralta asking for help, and Peralta didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes!” Not only did Peralta welcome all four of Linda’s dogs into the Vintage Pet Rescue family, she also made a special arrangement. While most of the dogs that come to Vintage Pet Rescue will spend the rest of their lives with Peralta, Scaredy, Brewsy, Suzy, and Runty are still very much Linda’s dogs. In fact, the oldest dog, Scaredy, is already back living with Linda and helping her get through chemo. The other three live cage-free under Peralta’s attentive care with the hope Linda will soon be healthy enough to welcome them back.

As part of the Vintage Pet Rescue pack of seniors, Linda’s Chihuahuas are comfortable and well taken care of. They spend their days in plush dog beds instead of shelter kennels, and they receive individualized attention and love. When Scaredy got sick and Linda thought she would lose him, Peralta stepped up to pay for life-saving surgery. It didn’t matter that the dog was already back with Linda at this point, Peralta did everything she could to save his life.


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When Linda is feeling well enough, she visits Brewsy, Suzy, and Runty in their new home. The little dogs are always excited to see her, and the rest of the Vintage Pet Rescue pack also join in on the fun. Linda always has a herd of senior dogs around her, and she can see first-hand how her dogs are thriving. While Peralta has several other dogs under her care, she makes sure Linda has regular opportunities to see her pups. She arranges meetings, and when Linda is too ill to visit, they talk on the phone so Linda is always updated on what’s happening in her dogs’ lives. Linda told PEOPLE,

“I would safely say she [Peralta] helps save my life a little every day with my dogs and all the rest, too. There are no words to describe her kindness and her amazing ability to take care of them all and love them all.”

The Doodles

Posted by Vintage Pet Rescue on Saturday, September 29, 2018

Brewzy, Suzy, Runty, and Scaredy, too, will always have a home with Vintage Pet Rescue, but the ultimate goal is for Linda to one day beat cancer and have all four of her dogs back in her arms.

Visit Vintage Pet Rescue on Facebook to show your support, or visit their website to learn more about their mission to help senior pets.


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