Ryan Reynolds Partners With Westminster For Best In Show Cocktail

Ryan Reynolds is flexing his marketing muscles in a big, adorable way. He cofounded Maximum Effort, a content studio that has created ads that are explosive on social media. Their latest effort celebrates the partnership between Reynold’s gin brand and the Westminster Dog Show. The resulting video is endearing and genius and just right for anyone who loves the big dog show and this hot-to-trot renaissance man.

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Ryan Reynolds Has a Gin Brand and It’s Making a Splash

We all know him for his acting, screenwriting, and production work. What you may not know is that Ryan Reynolds is a serious force to be reckoned with in the branding world as well. Well, a seriously funny force, at least! In response to the now infamous and controversial Peloton Christmas ad, Reynold’s studio produced an ad for his gin brand, Aviation Gin.

It showed the actor from the feather-ruffling ad knocking back an Aviation Gin martini, commenting that the gin is really smooth. Her friends offer support and encouragement for better days to come, clearly poking fun of the public response to the Peloton ad. That ad has been seen over 6 million times in just 2 months on YouTube alone. It’s fair to say it resonated with viewers for its timely and poignant message. Ryan Reynolds and his team are at it again, this time with a partnership at the biggest dog show on Earth, Westminster.

Special Cocktail to be Offered at the Westminster Dog Show

The talents of Ryan Reynolds’ creative team apparently extend into the world of cocktail crafting. They came up with a signature cocktail that will be available to show attendees called The Sensation. It contains:

  • 2 oz. Aviation Gin
  • ¾ oz. lemon juice
  • ¾ oz. simple syrup
  • 5 muddled blackberries
  • A lemon peel garnish

In order to promote the partnership, Maximum Effort released a new video that brilliantly takes the serious side of the dog show and flips it on its head, to hilarious effect. You see Reynolds in a well-tailored suit, complete with a pocket square. He stretches. He dabs at the sweat beading upon his brow. He readies his leash to run the ring. You hear dog show announcers saying things commonly heard during a “Best in Show” moment. But when the camera pans down, the audience sees what Ryan is really showing off at the dog show: his spirits brand, Aviation Gin.

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Reynolds Has Featured Actual Dogs in Ads Before and He is a Dog Dad

Ryan Reynolds owns phone company Mint Mobile. Instead of buying ridiculously expensive advertising during the Super Bowl, he took out a print ad telling people that instead of spending money on a commercial, the company would give away $5 million of service time to people who signed up during the big game. As a joke, a friend of his asked if he would take out another print ad with a full-page picture of the friend’s dog. And he did it, signing the ad “Ryan Reynolds, Owner, Subscriber, Dog Lover.”

And, if you thought you couldn’t possibly love People’s Sexiest Man Alive any more, wait to read how he adopted his dog Baxter. He didn’t mean to adopt a dog but he “fell in love” with a pup while visiting a Houston shelter and so, naturally, he gave the pup a forever home. Swoon-worthy!

“I saw this big, dumb-looking retriever staring up at me,” he told ABC News in an interview. “I whispered to him, ‘Hey, let’s get the hell out of here.’ And he jumped up, like he spoke English fluently. He came with me, he jumped in the car, and we’ve been best buddies ever since.”

Tune in to the Westminster Dog Show Tuesday night and see the real best in show contest. And hey, if you want to raise a glass in celebration, consider grabbing yourself a bottle of Aviation Gin and mixing up The Sensation. Cheers to award-winning videos and show dogs!

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