Safety-First Dog Puts Chair Under His Exercising Mom

As the novel coronavirus continues to keep us all home-bound, we’ve had to find creative ways to exercise. Gyms are mostly closed, and not everyone has a home gym, so some figured out ways to create one. One woman, @monsterrats on Twitter, installed a pull-up bar between the beams of her garage. She uses a fold-out dining chair to reach it.

Obviously, the chair isn’t needed for the actual pull-up part. Her little dog, however, doesn’t know this. He just wants to make sure his human doesn’t hit the ground and get hurt. In a video that reached almost 6 million views on Twitter, this cautious pup “saves” his mom by pushing the chair into her path. His mom wrote:

“So helpful of my dog to put the chair under my feet, love him to death.”


This sweetheart is a Miniature Schnauzer/Boston Terrier mix named Igor. He’s just under a year old and already so intuitive and loving. Igor wants to be where his mom is, even if that means staring admiringly as she works out.


After his thoughtful rescue, he stands watch to make sure she suffers no pull-up related injuries. His mom told the Dodo how surprised she was when Igor first did this.

“The move with the chair was out of nowhere. I had no idea he was gonna push it.”


She swears she didn’t train Igor to do this, and as someone who trusts in the pure goodness of dogs, I believe her. He’s just a good boy with an eye for safety!

Dog Parents And Fitness Enthusiasts Relate

The numbers this video reached speak volumes to how people feel about it, but some chimed in with words of appreciation.


He’s like ‘ma’am can you get down please, it’s not safe.’” -@melissapolendo via Twitter

I’m a cat person myself, but I have to admit that cats would let me die.” –@Czhorat via Twitter


I’m willing to bet many of us can relate to attempting to work out in front of our dogs. I say “attempting” because they’re just so good at interrupting, though apparently, they seem to think they’re helping us. I’ll tolerate any interruption that well-intentioned!

My dog likes to lick me when I do sit-ups, and I like to pretend it’s love and not him enjoying the flavor of my sweat. These dogs all interrupted their people’s workouts too:

[embedded content]

I think Igor makes a great spotter and an even better protector.

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H/T: Cesar’s Way
Featured Image: @monsterrats/Twitter

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