San Diego Animal Center Offers Free Pet Food During Coronavirus Outbreak

The unprecedented coronavirus outbreak has had devastating impacts on communities worldwide. Many industries have suffered and as a result, tons of people find themselves out of work during an uncertain time. Orders to stay home have led to supply shortages in grocery and pet stores.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego, California aims to ease a little bit of the hurt for the recently or temporarily unemployed. They have already begun distributing free animal food and supplies to affected families through their AniMeals Program.

Christen Hanley, the director of outreach services at Helen Woodward Animal Center, explained the importance of this program in a press release.

“Pets are members of our families too and we want to assist in keeping them fed in this stressful time. Keeping families together, healthy and happy is one way we can help others.”

The center generously offers a two-week supply of food for those who qualify. Naturally Fresh will also be giving away a free 6 lb. bag of cat litter per cat to the first 200 people. The program covers up to 3 household animals.

“We’re seeing so many members of our community impacted and we hope that this will bring a little peace to families with pets in this time of need.”

Everyone could really use a little certainty during this time. Fortunately, our animals provide us with some much-needed comfort. There remains no evidence that the COVID-19 virus can be transmitted to or from dogs.

How Local Residents Can Claim The Pet Food

If you qualify, you will need to fill out an appointment request form online. You’ll receive an email notification with an appointment time within 48 hours of submitting.

Pick-up times will be on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday during the daytime hours only. To avoid clusters of people (as the CDC advises,) appointments will be scheduled 10 minutes apart. You must observe your assigned time slot.

Ways To Help During The Outbreak

If you happen to find yourself in a position to help during this time, there are many ways you can offer assistance.

  • Offer your home: animal shelters down on staff but consistent on intake need fosters or adopters! While you work and stay at home, why not save a life too?
  • Donate money or supplies: as financial stability varies and volunteers stay home, shelters still need donations to help animals. Send some money or supplies to your local shelter if you can.
  • Walk dogs for those at-risk: When going out can pose a health risk, offer to walk dogs for those who must stay inside (if you are healthy.)

Take care of yourselves and give your doggies an extra big hug today!

H/T: People
Featured Image: eminens via Pixabay

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