SC Groomer Offers Free Services To Dogs Displaced By Hurricane Florence


Jennifer Ward is the owner and operator of RiverPaws Pet Spa in historic downtown Conway, SC. The beautiful, riverside city is one of many in the Carolinas devastated by Hurricane Florence.

In order to lighten the load on local pet parents, Ward and her team are offering free grooming services for dogs displaced from their homes.

The kindhearted business owner created a Facebook Fundraiser to help defray costs. At the time of this publishing, the fundraiser has collected $200 of a $1,000 goal. The post reads, in part:

“As we get back to the “norm”, many of our clients’ homes have been claimed by hurricane Florence’s flood waters. The last thing they need to think about is extra expense of pet care. We understand almost everyone took a financial hit. The sad truth is these pets are also feeling displaced and may be dirty after being in flood water. They may also be staying with a host nice enough to care for them in time of need or fostered. It may be months before they are home. Let us help them at least be pampered.”

RiverPaws’ free grooming offer extends to dogs 45 pounds and under. Whether they need a soothing bath or a full service head-to-toe makeover, Ward and her caring crew vow to help as many animals as possible while funds last.

According to the Facebook Fundraiser:

“If we have overflow, the funds will be used to go towards grooms of the less fortunate. Sometimes people can only afford one groom a year and their dogs suffer with severe matting. We will sponser more grooms for them to keep their pet from severe neglect cases.”

RiverPaws urges owners and caretakers of displaced pets in the Conway, SC area to schedule their complimentary grooming services by contacting the shop.
Those who would like to help their generous cause may click here. In addition to money, the pet spa is also accepting donations of toys, dog beds, food, and other supplies.

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